Recipe for Oursson DH0620D Dehydrator for Polished Pink Salmon

We will need 10 servings:

Fresh frozen pink salmon fillet on skin – 1000 g,

Salt – 2 tbsp.l.,

granulated sugar – 1tbsp.l.,

Dried parsley – 1 tbsp.l.


Humpback salmon jerky


Oursson DH0620D

Cooking Method:

1. Defrost the salmon carcasses, wash them, cut into 3 cm wide slices.


2. Mix salt, sugar and parsley and marinate fish pieces for 24 hours.

Product processing

Food dryer

3. Spread the marinated fish on the dehydrator trays lined with parchment.


4. Set temperature – 45C and time – 24 hours.

5. Let the cutlets cool in the fridge and put them in an airtight container.


6. Serve with beer.


Use Oursson jerky containers to store the fish jerky.

Cooking time: 48 hours

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