Test the LCD TV Hyundai H-LED24V8


Advantages: the stylish design of the device, a nice menu design, low cost.



Disadvantages: with component signal the detail of bright scenes could be a little bit better.

LCD TV 24 inches Hyundai H-LED24V8

Full HD LCD TV with LED-backlighting, 24 inch diagonal


Hyundai’s stylish new TV comes in a white body on a transparent leg made to look like glass , creating the effect as if the TV is weightless. The digital comb filter in the model is used to improve the display of color transitions. Additionally it is worth noting that the unit will operate stably with significant voltage fluctuations due to a wide range of auto-voltage.


On the picture, black and white colors are displayed saturated. As for the viewing angle, the contrast fell noticeably when viewed from the side at 70 degrees, when viewed from an angle of 40 degrees from below the picture gets noticeably darker, when viewed from above at 50 degrees the colors fade a little.

When playing the signal through the component input the resolution of the video path was about 450-500 TV lines. The movement of objects is displayed smoothly. In general, Hyundai H-LED24V8 demonstrates a large margin in color and brightness.

Quality of display shades of black at a fairly good level. But the detail of bright scenes is a little bit worse. Digital artifacts like combing on moving curved lines is practically not noticeable. Colors can be adjusted quite naturally with the available controls there is the regulation of body tones and temperature .

When playing the signal through the HDMI input the resolution was about 800 TV lines, around 550 lines there was a slight resonance. The movement of objects was also displayed smoothly.

The color palette as a whole is quite natural, but the flesh tones are a little bit “to the eye”. Digital artifacts such as combing are almost not noticeable.

Note the good margin of colors and brightness, good enough detail of the dark scenes. The detail of vivid scenes was at an average level. If you want, depending on external lighting, you can choose one of the preset picture modes.


The Hyundai H-LED24V8 sound system demonstrates a good reserve of volume without noticeable distortion, with detailed, for a device of this class, rendition of individual frequencies.

Available in preset sound modes: “stereo”, “music”, “movie”, “news. Also features surround sound mode and 5-band equalizer for tone adjustment. Advanced automatic volume leveling function.


Note the stylishly designed pleasant menu in dark red tones. These halftones highlight the bars at the top and bottom of the menu, as well as the selected menu item.

In addition to the Sleep-timer, there is an on and off timer, and you can set the specific channel to which the TV turns on. Through the USB input you can view photos and listen to music, you can also set the slide show. If necessary, you can lock the buttons on the front of the TV.

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