Hyundai HYC-G4120 Vegetable Shredder

Electric chopper Hyundai HYC-G4120 is designed for vegetables and fruits, preparation of baby food, soup puree, vitamin smoothies and soft desserts.

Hyundai HYC-G4120

  • Unlike many competitors the Hyundai HYC-G4120 has a bowl made of tempered glass instead of plastic which is more ecological and safe. You can also wash this pan in the dishwasher.
  • It comes with two S-shaped blades. If you plan to chop a small amount of vegetables, you can use a single knife, if the portion is large – the second knife is placed on top, we obtain such a two-storey design, so that the chopping occurs in the entire volume of the device.

Hyundai HYC-G4120

Chopper capabilities

Shredder Hyundai HYC-G4120 is suitable for those who loves vegetables, fruits, healthy food. No need to use it to grind raw meat, it is no substitute for a meat grinder.

Recommended foods: cheese, dried fruits, vegetables carrots, celery, onions, spinach, tomatoes, etc.e , boiled, sliced meat.

Can’t grind frozen food, ice, coffee beans.

Continuous running time of 1 minute, break 5-15 minutes.

The maximum temperature of products – 70 °C.

Hyundai HYC-G4120

Construction and features

The Hyundai HYC-G4120 chopper has a large two-liter bowl, with a maximum of ½ volume,.i.e. 1 liter. Thanks to the rubber base, the shredder does not ride on the table top when it is running. Can be carried by large handy handles.

The working block is located in the case which is placed on the lid of the bowl. There is also a 115 cm long power cord.

The grinder is assembled in seconds: put blades in the bowl one or both if you cook large volume , put foodstuffs in, close the bowl with protection cover, put the working unit in place, plug in the socket and everything is ready. It also does not take long to disassemble after use.

Products are shredded by two S-shaped blades. Blades are hidden in the protective cover that protects from accidental injuries when unpacking the device. In the manual it says that the blades are very sharp. This is not true, it is almost impossible to hurt yourself on the blades, they are not very sharpened.

The finish of the working unit is combined: black plastic and shiny metal. Traces from wet fingers remain on the metal surface but are easily removed with a sponge and dishwashing detergent.

In the complete set there is a plastic spatula, with its help it is convenient to gather the remains of the crushed products from the walls of the bowl.

Shredder Hyundai HYC-G4120


The shredder has two speeds. Switches – wide keys – are located on top.

The device only works when you press the key with your finger. The pressure is slight, it allows to avoid overheating the motor, the rotation of the knives is pulsed for a few seconds: press – work, release – pause, etc..

Hyundai HYC-G4120 vegetable chopper

Maximum power 400 watts. This is enough to work with vegetables, but raw carrots or beets need to be pre-sliced.

What about the meat

At first we didn’t read the manual and tried to grind raw meat. Even made such beautiful photos.

Hyundai HYC-G4120 shredder

As you can see it is possible. A small amount of pork or turkey can be turned into a coarsely chopped mince if you really need to, but it will take a lot of time. 1 minute of operation + 15 minutes break + 1 minute of operation and t.d. . It turns out that it is theoretically possible, but practically impractical.

Hyundai HYC-G4120 blender


Shredder Hyundai HYC-G4120 excellently purees soups, makes smoothies and cocktails with the addition of fruits and vegetables, easily turns the cottage cheese into a tender curd mass. It can be used to make thin dough, such as pancakes.

  • I like the glass bowl very much. It is more convenient, practical and safe than plastic containers which are more often used in such devices.
  • Cleverly designed blades – you can use one or two, depending on the amount of products.
  • The shredder is compact, doesn’t take much space when stored, and is easy to care for.
  • 2 years warranty if used properly.

Not suitable for icebreakers, chopping raw meat, should be used with caution for handling raw hard vegetables.

the consumer recommends 21

Hyundai HYC-G4120

gets the “consumer recommended” label

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