The vegetable spiral

I decided to buy an electric vegetable slicer, which turns vegetables into long spaghetti. Beautifully sliced carrots can be pickled Korean-style. Beet spiralizers are just as useful for pickling, and in general, it’s fun to experiment with vegetables. Of course, the zucchini season is over, but I think I still have time to make spaghetti from zucchini, which has been fashionable for a couple of seasons.

vegetable slicer

When I started looking for electric vegetable slicers with a spiralizer attachment, I saw that there aren’t many electric spiralizer vegetable slicers. I found only 4 models on the market and one that has a lot of information about it but is no longer available in stores.

Let’s choose.

The Philips HR2657 4-in-1 Immersion Blender with Vegetable Spiralizer

Philips HR2657

Quality and good multifunctional blender.

Details about all the features of this device.

If I had to buy an immersion blender, I would choose this model, and the ability to cut vegetables into beautiful and long spirals of different widths would be an additional and welcome bonus.

Philips HR2657

But I have a blender, and its work is quite satisfied, so this option is not for me.

If this vegetable slicer was sold separately and was universal for all immersion blenders, I would definitely buy it.

But there’s no such offer yet, so let’s keep looking.

Moulinex Fresh Express spiral multi slicer DJ654110

Moulinex Fresh Express spiral DJ654110

Although this device is called a multi-cutter, it has only one function – to make spirals of different widths.

No bits for julienne, slicing, dicing, etc., are included with the shredding attachment.d., Only “noodles”: for pappardelle 40 mm , tagliatelle 10 mm , linguini 5 mm , spaghetti 3 mm .

The device is suitable for chopping beets, carrots, apples, potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers.

By its design this vegetable slicer to me reminded centrifugal juicer, only instead of a grid are installed cone nozzles.

The diameter of the loading hatch is 5 cm, which means that only foods of this size will fit. It’s okay for carrots, but beets or zucchini will have to be picked up, giving preference to small fruits.

From additional conveniences I will note the ability to wash removable parts in the dishwasher – this is great if you do not like to get your hands dirty.

Price Moulinex Fresh Express spiral DJ654110 – 3990 Dollars. Enough for a device that will obviously not be used every day.

Travola VM9001-GS Vegetable slicer – spiralizer

Travola VM9001-GS

I first encountered this brand, began to look for who it is and where it comes from. It turned out that this brand belongs to OZON.

But you can buy this device not only in this store, in the OZON itself “the product ran out”

for 23.09.2019


The price is affordable – less than 2 000 Dollars.

Users actively leave feedback on the product, as always ranging from “total delight” to “total crap”.

I was able to find out that this vegetable slicer has two knives and two top attachments.

Travola VM9001-GS - Disassembly

A total of 4 types of slicing: an angular top nozzle + a knife with a fine cut shreds vegetables, as on a coarse grater.

Single blade instead of the knife produces thin slices.

The straight top nozzle combined with a straight blade gives a wide ribbon cutting and the use of a blade with teeth is exactly what makes it possible to make thin long “spaghetti”.

The great thing about this vegetable slicer is its versatility, you can use it for normal vegetable chopping as well. That’s why the vegetable slicer is in demand.

However, users note the flaws in the instructions: not everything is clear, and that it is necessary to get used to the device, understand it in order to get good results.

But this is true of almost all home appliances: the first time is not always a success.

Spiralizer Gemlux GL-SR-1003

Gemlux GL-SR-1003

Another vegetable slicer from a manufacturer I do not know.

Found the official website – everything is fine, there are the addresses of the central office and warehouse.

The brand has been around since 2015, with appliances offered both residential and commercial.

There are also reviews of the Gemlux GL-SR-1003 vegetable slicer. As always, the ambiguous. Users complain about the poor quality of the manual and the discrepancy of pictures on the box to the real algorithm for assembling the device. Not everyone can cut spaghetti from a carrot the first time. You have to learn and act carefully.

Gemlux GL-SR-1003

The diameter of the entrance hatch is 6.2 cm, which is larger than competitors.

This vegetable slicer is suitable for slicing spaghetti of different widths.

The set includes three slices – 3, 5, 9mm.

Price – 3800 Dollars.

Let’s compare models


Moulinex Fresh Express spiral DJ654110

Travola VM9001-GS

Gemlux GL-SR-1003



3, 5, 10, 40mm




“spaghetti” 3, 5, 9 mm

Power, W




Operating time, min




Loading diameter, cm




Dimensions, cm





2 years

1 year

1 year

As you can see, each device has its own advantages and disadvantages. And it’s up to you to decide which is more important to you.

Moulinex Fresh Express spiral DJ654110

4 sizes of “noodles”, proven brand, long warranty period.

For “spaghetti” only.

Travola VM9001-GS

High functionality, affordable price.

Not very clear instructions, scarce technical information.

Gemlux GL-SR-1003

Wide hopper, most popular spiral sizes.

High enough price.

Philips HR2657

Versatile, because it’s an immersion blender.

Not suitable for those who are only looking for a vegetable slicer.

zucchini spaghetti

Of course, slicing vegetables in a spiral is not on the list of everyday needs.

Some may snort – I would have your problems. But it’s nice when your food not only tastes good, but looks good too. And kids will love to eat colorful spaghetti added to their favorite pasta, and you can make any amount of carrots in Korean.

So, for me I have made my choice. I wonder which vegetable slicer you like?

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