Canon strengthens its broadcast 4K lens range with the new CJ20ex5B hybrid zoom

Canon expands its lineup of industry-leading broadcast 4K lenses for 2/3-inch sensor cameras with the new CJ20ex5B. This new lens is a UHDxs two-in-one wide angle lens with a powerful 20x zoom lens and 5mm focal length, delivering outstanding optical performance in 4K, making it ideal for broadcast, including studio, news, sports and documentary. The addition to Canon’s range of 4K broadcast lenses, which now includes 12 handheld and 6 studio/outdoor lenses.


Superior optical performance

Canon has been producing innovative broadcast lenses with superb optical performance for more than 60 years – and the CJ20ex5B is no exception. With 4K resolution from center to edge and enhanced lens coating, the CJ20ex5B meets the high demands of 4K broadcast television in HDR. The lens is also compatible with BT-color chromatic aberration correction cameras.2020 and complies with the latest industry standards.

Shooting from multiple angles

The CJ20ex5B wide-angle capability and powerful zoom makes it a superbly versatile lens. Focal length range of 5-100mm 10-200mm with teleconverter opens up a host of broadcast shooting scenarios. The lens is ideal for professional sports cameramen who need to capture both panoramic views of the arena and close-ups of athletes from the edge of the field. Lightweight and compact, weighing 2.2kg, the lens delivers clear 4K resolution throughout the frame regardless of the settings selected, even when using the built-in 2x teleconverter. We developed this model in response to the increasing demand for 4K content. It’s ideal for broadcasters who want to produce video of the future and are making the switch to 4K systems and workflows.


Virtual System Compatibility

The CJ20ex5B features a 16-bit absolute position encoder which provides instant and highly accurate readings of the zoom, focus and iris opening. Three 20-pin connectors allow it to be read even when the zoom and focus controllers are used at the same time. This feature is appealing to professionals who need the lens to be compatible with various virtual systems.

Compact and lightweight

The CJ20ex5B packs impressive performance into the traditional compact and lightweight body that has made a name for itself in the Canon ENG series. What’s more, the new model is just as durable as traditional HD lenses, and its portability makes it great for off-stage shooting. The ergonomically designed CJ20ex5B lens is aimed at operators who take long shots from the shoulder: the grip area fits comfortably in the hand, reducing strain and giving freedom of movement.

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