Canon adds to its UHDgc series with the world’s first portable zoom lens for broadcast 4K cameras in 2/3-inch format

Canon has announced the expansion of its industry-leading range of 4K broadcast solutions with the world’s first zoom lenses for broadcast 4K cameras with 2/3-inch sensors: the CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8.5B. Both lenses have strong optical performance for 4K shooting and offer amazing levels of maneuverability and usability compared to broadcast HD camera lenses. Now there’s a lens in Canon’s range for every broadcast shooting scenario. The new UHDgcⁱⁱ series meets the diverse requirements of documentaries, live events and sports production and is therefore ideal for broadcasters wishing to produce content in the future as they transition to 4K systems and workflows.

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Exceeding industry standards

Last year, Canon celebrated 60 years of producing broadcast lenses. With the launch of CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8.5B we continue to realize our long term plan to grow the industry with innovative products with superior optical performance. With fluorite ultra-low dispersion UD glass and a proprietary optical design that optimally aligns the elements, the new lenses suppress chromatic aberration, such as color fringing and color ghosting, and deliver superb color reproduction throughout the image area. Lens coatings and design features help prevent reflections inside the lens, reducing glare and stray images so that operators can shoot clear, contrasty HDR and WCG video with a wide tonal range.



CJ18ex28B – compact broadcast 4K lens with powerful zoom

The CJ18ex28B, the first broadcast 4K telephoto lens among 2/3-inch portable broadcast UHD sensor lenses, offers 18x zoom and a focal length range of 28-500mm, which extends to 1000mm with the built-in 2x teleconverter. High quality long range shooting capability is essential for documentaries, wildlife, and live action. In addition, the lens body is just as compact and light as a traditional HD lens, allowing for dynamic shooting with unprecedented mobility, which is especially important outside the studio when the operator needs to move around a lot with equipment.



CJ15ex8.5B: Unique Image Stabilization Technology

CJ15ex8 lens.The 5B supports Canon’s exclusive Vari-Angle Prism VAP variable-angle prism stabilization technology, which corrects motion-induced frame blur by means of a very high refractive index of liquid placed between two layers of glass. Image stabilization allows you to control the full zoom range from wide angle to telephoto, which is especially useful when shooting on bumpy roads or from vehicles, such as bicycle or jogging competitions. CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8 ergonomic housing.5B are comfortable and pleasant to hold – the lenses are easy to handle in any situation. Intelligent design reduces strain on the hand, allowing you to shoot comfortably for long periods.



Stephen Hart Dyke, Marketing Manager Professional Imaging Solutions, Canon Europe, commented: “Although 4K TV is not yet commonplace in most homes, the technology is becoming more available and we have seen a natural increase in demand for 4K content. Launch of the CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8.5B confirms Canon’s commitment to supporting broadcasters and the development of the industry with innovative technologies and products. Producing reliable lenses with superior optical performance that expand creative opportunities for operators and surpass industry standards of quality has been a core mission of our respective Canon division for over 60 years, so we’re delighted to present best-in-class, one-of-a-kind lenses”.

The CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8 models.The 5Bs will be introduced to the public for the first time at NAB 2019 April 8-11 at the Canon exhibit center hall, booth C4425 .

Key features of the CJ18ex28B

  • 4K resolution from center to edge of frame

  • BT wide color gamut.2020 and extended dynamic range

  • Ultra long focal length lens with a maximum focal length of 500mm 1000mm with 2x teleconverter

Key features of the CJ15ex8.5B

  • 4K resolution across the entire zoom range

  • Wide BT color gamut.2020 and extended dynamic range

  • Variable prism optical image stabilization

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