Zyxel Nebula Network Management Center: new user inteusaace and enhanced functionality

Zyxel introduced a major overhaul of the Nebula Cloud Networking Solution. In addition to a sleeker, more intuitive user interface, Nebula introduces a number of clever management tools and an expanded list of supported devices. Latest enhancements to help users maximize the potential of cloud-managed networks.


Improved and more user-friendly console

Customers who already use Nebula will immediately notice a major change: the beautiful Nebula Control Center console. Its ivory background blends in well with the design of the mobile app, resulting in a unified style in the Nebula user interface.

Dark mode is also introduced for all Nebula interfaces to provide a more comfortable experience for the user in situations where their eyes get tired of too much bright light from the computer monitor. One click is all it takes to switch between “dark” and “light” mode.

However, the improvements are not limited to the user interface design. Designed with Nebula users’ feedback in mind, the more user-friendly management console provides nearly unlimited options for customizing its settings, such as card-style widgets and Captive Portal for WiFi and gateways. These and other end-user-oriented innovations improve Nebula’s performance and provide the ultimate user experience.

Easily and securely connect to the network with smart features

Nebula added several more new features to improve management from the cloud and save users work time. Visard now supports gateway configuration, making network configuration fast and easy. Nebula smart engine feature makes it as easy as possible to correlate settings and events across the network. If a user needs to create a VLAN with a guest SSID, Nebula provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the VLAN gateway interface. In addition, if PoE is turned off on a switch on a schedule to save power, Nebula will not alert access points that are connected to that switch and are powered by PoE from that switch.



Nebula’s growing family of products and support for WiFi 6

Expanded the line of devices supporting Nebula with the powerful WAX650S, NWA110AX, and WAX510D access points. They use WiFi 6 technology 802.11ax , as well as improved security, such as supporting MAC address filters for each SSID, the latest WPA3 WiFi standard and dynamic VLAN assignment. The latter feature, which distributes users across multiple VLANs, is ideal for large educational institutions and corporate networks, providing user isolation for better security, as well as easier management.

With this release, the family of devices supporting cloud management has been expanded to include the XS3800-28 switch. This 10-gigabit, 28-port traffic aggregation layer switch can now be used as the core of the Nebula network. Using this switch, which can now be managed from the cloud, will ensure maximum network performance. In the coming months we plan to release a 10-gigabit switch with fewer ports, designed to serve smaller networks.

The cloud management market has tremendous potential and many vendors are rushing to enter this market, but most offer only limited features and products,” said Crowley Wu, vice president of Zyxel Networking SBU. – As the leading provider of the entire portfolio of cloud-based network management solutions for medium and small businesses, Zyxel has implemented an innovative user interface in the latest version of Nebula to help our customers get the most out of the Nebula.”

More information about Zyxel Nebula is available here >

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