Zyxel Nebula: 5G support and Wi-Fi security for small and medium businesses

Zyxel Networks announced that it is adding support for its 5G/LTE devices to the Nebula ecosystem, as well as providing security services directly to wireless access points. All companies, regardless of size or industry, now have an increasing need for digital transformation as they gradually abandon traditional business models in favor of social media presence, e-commerce, virtual operations and remote working. Continuous access to the Internet has thus become a must-have requirement for all.


Primary or backup connection – easy to deploy and configure

With Zyxel 5G/LTE routers, customers can set up a high-speed link to the WAN in locations where there is no cable infrastructure or create a backup connection to the network. Router management is available directly from Nebula, making the work of system administrators more comfortable and the security of the distributed network more controllable.

Wi-Fi security that evolves without user intervention

Zyxel implemented a new, convenient security service directly for access points Connect and Protect CNP . The service offers a flexible approach to security and can be configured on certain models of Zyxel wireless access points installed in home offices of remote employees, in specific locations within the company, such as accounting departments, branch offices, etc. d. No need for a separate firewall: Nebula brings all the functionality right to the access point. With a few clicks, the CNP access point prevents malicious Web sites, data theft, hacking attempts, or non-critical applications from being prioritized.

Gordon Yang, President of Zyxel Networks.

“Since the launch of the Nebula system in 2016, we have tirelessly evolved it to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. In this evolutionary phase, we provide small and medium-sized businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic and whose specific problems are ignored by most well-known network equipment vendors, an optimal solution to keep their networks running smoothly. We will continue to support and assist them in the digital transformation of their business so that it remains safe and secure.”

Wide range of devices

Today, the powerful and easy-to-use Nebula centralized network management platform supports more than 80 devices in the Zyxel portfolio, including switches, firewalls, gateways, access points and 5G/LTE routers. All of this allows the customer to use the equipment that best suits their specific network and applications in use.

The list of products supported by the Nebula platform now includes Wi-Fi6 wireless access points NWA90AX and WAX630S , two 5G routers Nebula NR7101 and Nebula NR5101 and a 4G LTE router Nebula LTE3301-PLUS

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