Toshiba Expands P300 Series of Desktop Drives with 4TB and 6TB Types

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH announces the addition of 4TB and 6TB hard drives to its P300 series for desktop PCs. The new models offer double the buffer size 64MB to 128MB , lower noise emission and reduced power consumption.


The read/write heads are optimally protected against damage when transporting hard drives individually or as part of a PC by a dual drive actuator. Additionally, these new drives feature an internal shock sensor to protect your data when your PC is in operation. This makes the drives ideal for graphic designers and creative professionals on the move.

The hard drive series has been engineered to provide smoother movement of the heads during read/write operations. This goal is achieved by means of innovative technology that minimizes head movement. This optimization minimizes mechanical strain, improves overall performance, and helps meet the needs of desktop workstation users and gamers alike.

“These new P300 series drive models offer higher capacity with lower power consumption. They provide gamers, graphic designers and desktop workstation users with ample storage space,” said Larry Martinez-Palomo, General Manager, Hard Disk Drive Division, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH. – The addition of 4TB and 6TB drives to the P300 series demonstrates Toshiba’s commitment to meeting the growing market demand for higher capacity hard drives, while maintaining their performance, quality and reliability.”.


P300 4TB model is available now and P300 6TB model is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2020

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