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German THOMAS vacuum cleaners, which can remove dust not only from surfaces, but also from the air of the rooms, are quite large. More than once I have heard of unpreparedness to pull out such a device and install an aquafilter just to conduct a quick cleaning, for example, in the kitchen. This summer, three brothers have joined the THOMAS cleaning family – vertical cordless vacuum cleaners which take care of the daily grind of cleaning, leaving the older THOMAS vacuum cleaner to deal with the more thorough cleaning of the house.

Vacuum cleaners

The most affordable in the range

Every day there are more and more vertical vacuum cleaners on the market, and this development has not stopped even during the crisis. It would seem that the second vacuum cleaner in the house – a luxury, but the hostesses who have had time to appreciate them will never give up having a maneuverable assistant, who is always ready to work and for five minutes quickly put things in order, eliminating the need to get a large vacuum cleaner from the pantry.

Meet the Thomas Quick Stick Tempo cordless cordless vacuum cleaner for express cleaning, the first of the new line, which appeared in the American stores. We must say that Thomas Quick Stick Tempo is affordable, and unlike some models on the market, it will not be an unaffordable expenditure for Americans in difficult times.



See what the little guy can do.

Continuous running time of 20 min. Quite a decent indicator, because it is enough to vacuum the carpet, on which so quickly noticeable garbage, collect scattered in the kitchen grit, or instantly clean the hallway from the sand after walking children.

LED charging indicator to help you monitor your cleaning habits and remind you to charge the vacuum cleaner.

Battery charge time – 5 hours. And because it is wall-mountable it comes with a wall bracket , it automatically charges itself, so that the Thomas Quick Stick Tempo is always fully operational.


With Turbo Brush for upright vacuuming. This is a huge plus model that with its help a small vacuum cleaner can pull out all the dust even from the carpet with a high pile. Operating its own motor at the head allows the roller to rotate at maximum speed, even on a low battery charge.


The brush is maneuverable thanks to the 180˚swivel joint. So it is easy to clean even hard-to-reach places, next to standing furniture, under sofas and chairs.


Everyone who has ever used a turbo brush knows that the most unpleasant thing is to clean its roller after cleaning. This brush has an easy detachable brush, which makes the cleaning process quick and easy.

In addition, there is a universal nozzle “3 in 1”: crevice – for hard-to-reach places, “brush” – for delicate cleaning, such as bookshelves or office equipment, and furniture – for cleaning sofas and chairs. Convenient that the three nozzles are combined into one multifunctional: it is always at hand, will not get lost and does not take up much space.


Thomas big and Thomas small

When cleaning the floor, ceiling, cornices, vacuum cleaner is comfortable even for people of short stature, thanks to the long aluminum tube. It is also lightweight, which is especially important for fragile ladies.


Vacuum Cleaners

If you need to collect dust from a sofa or vacuum a car interior, the tube is easily removed, and the vacuum cleaner becomes a truly handheld. Clean as comfortably as possible: you can sit on one chair and vacuum another without bending over and straining your back.

Vacuum cleaners


Vacuum cleaners

Just pull the trigger

To make sure you don’t waste a moment, this vacuum cleaner works only when you push the trigger on the handle.

This is the way it works with nearly all battery-powered models from the leading manufacturers, and it allows you to control every moment of cleaning, and to spot-clean different surfaces, without losing even a second of battery life.


Clean and dry

The dust canister capacity is small, but still big enough for a single cleaning job. Leaving a vacuum cleaner with a full dust canister is a violation of German neatness, don’t you think?. The more so that the cleaning procedure is effortless, and is literally a one-click process, you won’t even get your hands dirty.

Dust does not get back into the airspace of the room, as the fine filter at the output, which does not need to be replaced for a long time. Periodically as dirt , it is recommended to rinse it under running water. Then it needs to dry out and be ready to use again.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaners

A beauty

I note that the vacuum cleaner looks very attractive: it is elegant, bright, but not tacky. No need to hide it in the closet: the model can be installed in the kitchen or in the hallway, it becomes a technological and interesting detail of the interior, and besides, it is always with you.



Vacuum cleaners

Cordless 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner

Thomas Quick Stick Tempo

POWER: 150 Watt.

TIME TO SERVE: up to 20 minutes a cycle.

FILTER: washable filter.

CONTROL: push button on the handle. Operates by finger pressure.

CONSTRUCTION: cyclonic dust container with 0,65 l capacity, noise level up to 82 dB.

POWER: battery Li-Ion2000 mAh with LED-charge indicator. Full charge time up to 360 min.

INCLUSION: nozzle – electric turbo brush, 3-in-1 combination nozzle brush, brush, furniture hanging bracket, aluminium tube 670mm.

COLOR: gray/turquoise.

DIMENSIONS: 230x11x120 mm.

WEIGHT: 2,1 kg, 1,5 kg in manual mode.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


PRICE: 12990 p

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