When an upright vacuum cleaner doesn’t suck your money

If you’re not planning on spending a lot of money to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, you can count on? Buyers who already have negative experience with frankly cheap no name equipment are well aware that “the miser pays twice”. Brittle plastic, lack of spare parts and consumables, unreliable parts, questionable service and fast breakdowns – it’s the kind of “economy” that few people like. Completely different qualities have inexpensive appliances, designed by well-known manufacturers.

Among the affordable upright vacuum cleaners of well-known brands, you can find decent devices that have an excellent price/quality ratio.


The amount of time it takes to clean without recharging

The time of operation without recharging the upright vacuum cleaners is directly related to the battery capacity, its type, and, consequently, to the price. To make the cost of vacuum cleaner as attractive as possible to the buyer, manufacturers equip devices with compact batteries, which have a limited capacity.

Most of the time, a good budget upright vacuum cleaner will run for 15-20 minutes without recharging, and this is at best. Note that the manufacturers usually indicate the maximum time of operation in the weakest mode if there are several modes .

Dust container capacity

Another difference in inexpensive vacuum cleaners is the small size of the dust container.

The volume varies from 0.3 liters – to 0.5-0.7 liters, while premium vacuum cleaners can “boast” values of 1 liter. In my opinion, this characteristic is not decisive, because even the minimum volume of the container is enough for one cleaning.

Complete set

Set of nozzles does not usually look the same on an expensive vacuum cleaner as on a budget one. However there is no direct and unambiguous correlation between the saturation of the complete set and the price. For example, now on the market there are budget models with 2-3 nozzles, which is more than enough for standard cleaning. In turn, a set of more expensive vacuum cleaners can include as much as five nozzles of different shapes and purposes.

Suction power

Low-cost upright vacuum cleaners in the vast majority are not characterized by high intensity of suction, and are seriously inferior in these parameters to more expensive models. That’s why they are trying to be used for cleaning relatively small, light pollution, or as a complement to the productive corded vacuum cleaner.

Design and usability

As for the appearance of vertical vacuum cleaners, it is not easy to determine the approximate price of the device at a glance. Many manufacturers today pay great attention to design to make their product stand out from the competition.

Therefore, now you can purchase quite a stylish cleaning tool even for a relatively small amount of money, albeit not with such perfect stuffing. For example, inexpensive models often have LED backlight, which helps to clean “pacey” corners.

The best vertical vacuum cleaners at a price up to 10 000 Dollars.

1. HOOVER FD22RP 011 upright vacuum cleaner


Excellent ergonomics, rich packaging, a roomy container, as well as the ability to transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner. For all its advantages, it is also very lightweight.

Price: 6570 Dollars.


The possibilities of this vacuum cleaner are impressive. With its small size and weight it will clean the entire apartment quickly and cleanly, including all those hard-to-reach places and spaces under beds and sofas.

The main advantage of the model can be considered the possibility of its transformation. So, if necessary, you can easily replace the long metal stick with any of the included nozzles and clean the interior of your car.

The motor switch is located on the ergonomic pistol grip. The button can be locked with a special lever to prevent you from keeping the button pressed all the time.

Modern lithium-ion batteries installed in this model, provide more than 25 minutes of full power vacuum cleaner.



Hoover looks very impressive. Red and black combined with LED battery level indication makes it look stylish, expensive and modern.


POWER: s.d.

FILLING: monocyclone technology, Allergy care plus system.

CONTAINER: Plastic, with silver ions, volume 0.7 l.

FEATURES: LED battery status indication, integrated soft-touch handle, continuous power mode on the handle, noise level of 75 dB, quick brush change system, fingerprint control.

BATTERY: Li-ion, 22V, 25min continuous working time., Charging time 6 hours.

COMPLETE: motorized brush, hair removal pet hair, crevice nozzle, “2 in 1” dust and furniture mop, long rotating brush and brush for dusting.

DIMENSIONS: 230x1100x259mm.

WEIGHT: 2.2 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.



Adequate price, rich set of nozzles, battery power indication.

No backlight in the cleaning area.

2. Redmond RV-UR 330 for the vertical vacuum cleaner

Redmond RV-UR 330

The prices of this model varies greatly from store to store. If we focus on the proposals of online stores, the model fits into the group of vacuum cleaners up to 10 000 Dollars., But in the hypermarkets the cost may be higher.

Price: from 8190 Dollars.


One of the main advantages of the Redmond RV-UR 330 is the use of high-efficiency filtration system, capable of trapping even the smallest dust particles present in the air.

Buttons for starting and switching modes have optimal size, shape and location.

Two power levels available. The first one, is characterized by economical power consumption and is designed for small dirt – to collect crumbs, coarse dust, etc.d. Second speed is needed when cleaning carpets.

Only two nozzles. Turbo brush with electric motor to pick up hair, pet hair, and other dirt from carpets. The space between furniture and under the sofa can be cleaned with the 2-in-1 crevice nozzle. Special soft pop-up element on the housing allows you to easily adapt its parameters to your needs.


The stylish golden-red beauty blends in with any décor while taking up little space. Aluminum telescopic tube and transparent plastic container, smooth body lines, thoughtful configuration of the handle help you to spend less effort for cleaning.

Redmond RV-UR _330


POWER: 170 W, suction 19 W.

FILTER: cyclone filter, multi-cyclone 10+1.

CONTAINER: plastic, volume 0,5 l.

FEATURES: 2-level power control on the body, LED lighting of cleaning area, soft-start motor, noise level – 75 dB, adjustable angle of inclination of the handle, overheat cutoff, microfilter.

BATTERY: Li-ion, 24V, 2A*h capacity, 25min continuous working time.(1 mode , 13 min. 2 mode , charging time 8 hours.

INCLUSION: motorized turbo brush, crevice nozzle 2 in 1, corrugated hose, parking station.

DIMENSIONS: 1008 × 270 × 200 mm.

WEIGHT: 4,4 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


Effective filtration system, 2 power modes, LED cleaning area lighting, charging station

Limited number of nozzles

3. Vertical Vacuum Cleaner MIDEA VSSO1B 150P


One of the most inexpensive on the market, while it can be a second vacuum cleaner in the house, and also help maintain order in the car.

Price: 3790 RUB.


This upright vacuum cleaner transforms into a handheld mini-handheld device. This option is evidenced by the inscription on the housing “2 in 1”.

Main body of product and handheld unit have two independent controls. The mini-vacuum cleaner is activated by a single button with a light indicator. There is no possibility to change the power modes.

The “big” upright vacuum cleaner has two modes: “maximum” and “minimum”. For an economical device is very good!

In the complete set the electric turbo brush and universal nozzle “2 in 1” which combines a brush for cleaning furniture, as well as a thin crevice nozzle. They can be perfectly paired with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

To store the vacuum cleaner the manufacturer has provided a convenient parking base, combined with a battery charger.


Everything is modest, without frills, but nevertheless it does not look cheap.

Midea designers chose the graphite shade: calm grey tones have a positive effect on the visual perception and at the same time do not attract special attention to the vacuum cleaner. And the gray color is in fashion now.



POWER: 85 Watt.

FILTER: cyclone washable motor filter, microfilter.

CONTAINER: plastic, 0.35 l.

FEATURES: 2 modes of operation, power control on the handle, overheat shutoff, detachable handheld vacuum cleaner, vertical parking, power on indicator, battery charge indicator

AAUBILER : NiMH, capacity 1500mAh, voltage 14.4V, running time 20min., Charging time 5 hours

FITTINGS: power brush, crevice nozzle.

DIMENSIONS: 270h212h1090 mm.

WEIGHT: 2.2 kg


2-in-1″ design, two modes of operation, multiple nozzles, full parking

NiMH batteries, short operating time, no backlight.

4. MIE ELEMENTO vertical vacuum cleaner


This manufacturer is better known for its ironing appliances, which are well proven, so we should have a closer look at this model, especially on the warranty period manufacturers have not been stingy.

Price: 8990 roubles.


This handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to attach to a brush attachment because it has a long tube and nozzle that you can detach. This feature is sure to please those who need to constantly remove dust from hard-to-reach or narrow places.

This vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean the interior of the car.

Adjust the suction power by pressing the button located on the ergonomic handle of the device. In total the manufacturer has provided two operating modes.

Italian engineers did not forget about the turbo brush, helping to quickly rid the carpet of hair and dust.

Also easy to store in your home. The included parking spot which also works as a charger allows you to easily place it on the wall in a hallway or a corner.



Simple shapes and minimalism, nothing superfluous. The heart of the device is the engine compartment, which houses the motor, batteries, and a small dust container. Low-key gray color and decorative red inserts help the vacuum cleaner to fit in almost any interior.


POWER: 350W intake, 100W suction.

FILTER: fine cyclone filter.

CONTAINER: plastic, volume 0.8 l.

FEATURES: horizontal parking, 80 dB noise level, 2 power levels, power control on the handle, movable brush can be turned almost 360 degrees, automatic shutdown on full recharge.

BATTERY: 2200 mAh Li-Ion, run time at maximum power 25 min., At minimum 45 min.,charging time 4 hours

INCLUDING: Turbo brush, carpet brush, floor brush, crevice brush, combination brush, charging base and wall mount.

DIMENSIONS: 650h130h160 mm.

WEIGHT: 1.9 kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.



Transformable, turbo brush, rich in features, low weight.

No LED backlight.

5. A vertical vacuum cleaner POLARIS PVCS 1025


This vacuum cleaner is pleased with the presence of HEPA13 filter and a long time of operation without recharging if the manufacturer believes .

Price: from 6000 to 9999 Dollars.


The vacuum cleaner has two levels of power and full LED indicator system. It will be able to warn the owner about the clogged dust container, low battery level, as well as problems with the rotation of the electric brush. This feature is especially useful for cleaning carpets, rugs and pet hair floors.

Due to its ingenious design the vacuum cleaner can be easily transformed from an upright to a handheld tool. In this case, the bottom nozzle and the long handle is detached and you have in your hands a compact motor unit with a dust container.

Vacuum cleaner can be placed in any corner of the apartment.


For ease of use Polaris engineers have equipped the handgrip with a curved shape and comfortable rubberized overlay, that makes the device easy to hold for any age and build.

LED backlight allows you to see the untidy areas in the corners of the apartment for thorough cleaning.


POWER: 16W suction power.

FILTER: cyclonic, HEPA13 fine filter.


FEATURES: 2 push buttons on the hand-held vacuum cleaner and on the vertical handle , 2 turbo mode, lighted cleaning area, battery charge indication, power-on indication, operation mode indication, control display emergency shutdown, overheat shutdown, anti-static rod noise level 62dB, vertical parking, rubberized wheels, shockproof housing.

BATTERY: Li-ion, voltage 25V, 2200mAh capacity, run time 50min., charging time 5 hours

CONTAINMENT: floor/mopper rotary, minibrush, crevice brush, electric vacuum cleaner.

DIMENSIONS: 110x26x15 cm.

WEIGHT: 3.36 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


Long working time without recharging, indication, light.

The dustbin gets clogged quickly. You can not switch from second speed to first without turning off the vacuum cleaner.

Vertical vacuum cleaners are becoming more affordable and in many homes have taken over the cleaning task completely.

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