Thomas Mokko XT vacuum cleaner test: it’s good to have Thomas in the countryside. And in the city, too!

I’m the world’s mom. I cooked everything made repairs in the apartment and went to meet the New Year at the neighbor’s went to live out of town . For family reasons, as they say. And the adult children need to live separately. Your grown-up life. And my job is to go into town once a week and lightly check to see if the apartment has been bombed, the cat starved, or the neighbors flooded. When I visited for the penultimate time, I realized that I had to arm myself somehow to deal with the dirt and the stress that comes from its magnitude. That’s why the last time I came home as Freken Bock – with a vacuum cleaner at my side. A very special thanks to Thomas!

Vacuum Cleaners

Washing vacuum cleaner with water filtration system Aquabox

A few words about the Thomas Mokko XT vacuum cleaner

The new model of series XT gives the possibility of dry cleaning with water filtration and powerful room humidification, as well as wet cleaning of hard flooring and upholstery, carpets and upholstered furniture. The vacuum cleaner is also able to pump out spilt water. The Aquabox water filtration system is responsible for the quality of dry cleaning, humidifying the air and reducing the load on the HEPA filter outlet. The air passes through a water mist and the dust inside is moistened and deposited at the bottom of the container – and the moist air coming out of the vacuum creates a special microclimate in the room and helps to ensure that the dust floating in the air is also deposited down and goes straight into the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle. To start cleaning, simply pour 1 liter of water into the Aquabox, and when finished, add another liter, shake a few times and pour into the toilet.

The Thomas Mokko XT comes with no special attachments – turbo brushes, for parquet, for mattresses, etc.p. This model is for those who do not want to overpay for a complete set of ammunition, which may not be needed. In the box only the most necessary nozzles. This main switchable nozzle for the floor and carpet, nozzle for dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and crevice nozzle these two are inserted into the special sockets on the body of the vacuum cleaner and are always at hand during cleaning , as well as two nozzles for wet cleaning – wide, with adapter, for hard surfaces glass, tile , and narrow – for soft furniture. Also available with Thomas ProTex wet carpet cleaning concentrate.

Waterproof control buttons on the body allows you to smoothly adjust the power 4 modes, max power of 1600 watts and turn on or off the water supply when wet cleaning.

The cat is incredibly maneuverable, thanks to its extra traction wheels and castors.


SIZES: 318x486x306mm.

WEIGHT: 8 kg.


WARRANTY: 2 years.

PRICE: 16 500 Dollars.

Dry vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming


Part one – urban. After repairs


– “Kids” at ages 19 and 20. Bad habits: house parties, cooking experiments with the occasional result of “oops, for some reason everything ended up on the floor,” excuses like “writing term paper,” “preparing for the test,” “fell, hit my head on the pillow, I don’t remember anything else, so I didn’t clean up.

– Cat 1.5 years old. Bad habits: she sheds not twice a year, as she should, but constantly. Spreads food out of bowl and eats from floor, thinks it tastes better that way.

– Apartment with new floors laminate, tile and walls partly tile .

– Dirt along, across, all around, and in three layers.


Vacuum cleaners

– Dry vacuuming with AquaBox. It’s not even sporty. Because the dust and dirt with such a whistling fly into the nozzle even in eco-mode on medium power , and the vacuum cleaner is moving so quickly that it takes about 30 minutes to clean the floors in an apartment of 60 square meters. I use only one outlet in the hallway: the vacuum cleaner has a large radius of action: 10 m 6 m cord + hose + telescopic steel tube .

It’s easier to breathe after cleaning, though. During the heating season, the difference is especially noticeable – humidified air feels fresher and more transparent, although I understand why: there is no dust left in it. The AquaBox is easy to care for, but it collects a lot of dirt if you clean it after a long break. And then you just “pour 1 liter of water, shake and pour into the toilet bowl” is not enough, you have to help with your hands. I use rubber gloves for that. But still no dust flying around because it’s wet, and the result of cleaning – sparkling cleanliness – is worth it!

– Wet cleaning of the floor and tiles on the walls. We do this by filling a removable container in the back of the body with water, attaching a hose and a wet mopping nozzle. For carpets it should be used without an adapter, for hard surfaces it should be used with an adapter, which has stiff bristles that remove dried dirt along with water, and a rubber strip that removes streaks and moisture.

The adapter is easy to put on and take off, it’s got a tight grip, no problem. From the nozzle pressurized clean water is delivered, which washes the floor and walls, and immediately sucked into the nozzle along with the dirt. The surface stays not only clean but also dry. The main thing is not to move the nozzle “back and forth” in different directions, but to lead in the direction toward you when cleaning the floor and down when cleaning the walls.

In this case, the result is just great, but the process takes longer than dry mopping. For example, a 12 sq. m. kitchen can be dry-cleaned in 5 to 6 minutes, and the same floor can be washed in 12 to 14 minutes. But no rags, no crawling on your knees, and no spreading mud.

– Wet cleaning of upholstered furniture. In the kitchen, the upholstered chairs are not “from the palace,” but still cozy and upholstered. It’s a shame that cooking experiments and wild home parties lead to the fact that the seats are covered with dried-on splashes of sauce. To wash them, I used a detergent concentrate – I added some to the water. Since it is suitable for cleaning carpets, it should also clean textile flooring. The result is that the seats are washed and, since the water is quickly sucked up by the nozzle, they’re almost dry!

Part Two – Rural, or It’s Good to Have Thomas in the Village

If you have a lodge there, a Thomas XT vacuum cleaner should come with it. Because it’s even more necessary there than in the city. Because gas heating is not just over-dry, but terribly over-dry air. Because there’s an insane amount of dirt dragged into the house. So, without thinking long, I loaded the Thomas Mokko XT into the car and drove it to our collective farm Bright Path.


– A 2-storey house, on the first floor 2 rooms 20 and 12 m² , a bathroom and a kitchen 15 m² and an entrance hall, on the second floor – 2 bedrooms of 18 m². There’s also a staircase.

– Boardwalk. You know, it’s nice to have a rustic, wooden floor, warm and cozy. But the boards are laid, well, very loosely – slots in some places are such that coins, rolling in them, not on edge stand, and show “eagle” or “tails”. Dirt accumulates in the cracks along with the coins. A lot of country dirt. That is, the ground – there’s nowhere to go!

– Gas heating – consequently, terribly dry air.

– The dog is a mongrel husky – an extremely hairy beast.

– Two residents-philologists – and all around are books, books, books..

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning

Vacuum cleaners


– Dry cleaning. The very first time it was a shocking experience. The thing is that we have two vacuum cleaners at home: one with a bag, the other an upright electric vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning – to collect crumbs, etc.p. But after cleaning with Thomas Mokko XT we just shuddered: it was a complete feeling that the house hasn’t been vacuumed in years. I had to clean the Aquabox 3 times during the cleaning of the first floor, which was hard to do: the earth and a lot of dog hair did not let me clean it the way the manual said to do.

We were horrified: what do we breathe and what do vacuum cleaners do in our homes, which, as it turned out, are completely useless??! I must say that the house was cleaned in parts: in the morning the first floor took about an hour , in the evening the second – it took about 30 minutes, but we had to clean the Aquabox twice. We were surprised that even with the Thomas Mokko XT Aquabox overflowing with dirt it sucks up remarkably well, at least it feels like there is no loss of suction power. Over the next few weeks we cleaned regularly every 3-4 days with the Thomas Mokko XT, and it was only then, when a certain level of cleanliness was maintained, it became possible to clean the Aquabox the way the manufacturer recommends – by adding water, shaking and pouring the dirty water into the toilet.

– Need to say about the improved air quality in the house. We could feel it was easier to breathe right after the first big clean. Of course, the problem of dry air has to be dealt with comprehensively – buy a humidifier, airing, etc.p., but Thomas was a big help, too.

– We vacuumed the books. It took even longer than cleaning the house, since our library is huge. I had to pick up every thick book and vacuum with the crevice nozzle on the lowest speed – it turned out to be the most convenient. After cleaning the library, we were once again horrified by the contents of the AquaBox. It was easier to breathe in the library.

Home Appliances

Vacuum cleaners

P.S. The Thomas Mokko XT is in our house in the countryside. The kids were sad, but said they would get their own Thomas: liked living in cleanliness. I certainly hope so, but it’s easy to transport the vacuum cleaner in the car, it’s quite compact and fits easily even in my tiny trunk, and it’s easy to carry by the handle.

The excellent power of suction even with the filled Aquabox, very effective dry cleaning with powerful air humidification, wet cleaning only clean water and dry, nothing superfluous in the complete set, washable filter EPA, the possibility of emergency pumping up to 1.9 liters of water, maneuverability.

The water hose is attached on top of the main hose, not integrated.

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