The car is a second home

The idea that a car is not a luxury but a means of transport is long outdated: in fact, modern technologies allow turning a car into a mobile office or a cinema. Many of us spend a huge part of our lives in the car, and we want to spend it, if not in luxury, then at least in comfort and convenience. Of course, most cars are equipped with comfortable seats, heater, air conditioner, fan, but still sometimes you miss something so… home.


Did you know that

…The thermoelectric cooling principle used today in automobile refrigerators is based on the “Peletier effect,” discovered by the French watchmaker Peletier back in 1834. At the time, Peletier was unable to explain the physical principles of his discovery, but German physicist Friedrich Lenz did so four years later. The essence of this effect is that if you pass an electric current in series through two connected conductors with different physical properties in the case of Peletier it is bismuth and antimony rods , then the junction of these conductors will either be cooled or heated depending on the direction of the current. Heating or cooling is caused by changes in the kinetic energy of electrons as they move from one conductor to another. That is, when they slow down as they cross the border, they heat up, and when they speed up, they cool down. Many such pairs of conductors, combined in modules, and constitute the working element of thermoelectric refrigerators, and not only their. The absence of refrigerants and moving parts made it possible to use this principle to create efficient cooling coolers for computer processors and other electronics, while the reverse effect – obtaining electric current from the temperature difference Seebeck effect – is used in existing and promising alternative energy sources.



We mostly associate coffee-makers with the kitchen or office, but the coffee in the car is associated only with a plastic cup and thermos. However, you can also enjoy freshly brewed hot coffee in the car – the choice of special automotive coffee makers is great. They differ from conventional ones in their compactness, power supply from a car “cigarette lighter” and availability of fastening mechanisms. For those who are used to driving proudly alone, there are miniature coffee makers for 1 serving Waeco Perfect Coffee MC-01-12, Handpresso Auto E.S.E, Koto 12V-603 , for the more numerous family and corporate “crews” – coffee makers for 5-10 cups Waeco Perfect Coffee MC-05-12, Koolatron 12V Coffee Maker, alca-542120 . As a rule, automotive coffee makers are equipped with automatic shut-off in case of overheating, boiling and tipping, and look like scaled-down copies of regular coffee makers, except for the original design and construction of the Handpresso Auto coffee makers. According to the principle of operation, car coffee makers are divided into chaldovye capsule espresso coffee makers and conventional drip, which uses ground coffee. The latter come with disposable paper filters Waeco Perfect Coffee MC-05-12 and permanent washable Koolatron 12V Coffee Maker . Fully automatic coffee machines, which include a grinder, are not used in automobiles because of their large size. Coffee preparation time ranges from 2 minutes for coffee machines for 1 cup to 5-6 minutes for models with a larger tank volume.

– Time-consuming process of charging the coffee machine in the car, changing of filters, small volume, and the need to carry ground coffee or capsules, water, sugar and cream.



For those who prefer tea or soluble beverages, boiling water is sufficient, which can be obtained with the help of car kettles. In addition, it is not bad to have a kettle in the car if you are traveling with a child. Boiling water is needed for many things: tea, coffee, instant meals, as well as for technical purposes – to warm something, to wash it, etc.d. Car kettles, like coffee makers, differ from usual ones by their power supply from cigarette lighter and their dimensions. The smallest of them are called “thermal cups with heating” and differ from the usual thermos mugs in that the contents can be heated Coto 12V-272 . Fully automatic car kettles with the capacity of 0.75-2 liters do not differ from usual kettles in appearance and rules of use Waeco Perfect Kitchen MSK-750-12, Beverage Heater, Koto 12V-601, Koto LT031001 , but they are equipped with fastening mechanisms which allow boiling water while driving a car. The average boiling time of water in a 0.75 liter kettle is about 10 minutes, so it is not recommended to use these devices when the engine is off, so as not to “land” the battery.

– Long boil, the necessary conditions – a running engine or a good battery.



Car fridges are divided into 2 large groups – thermal bags and fridges powered from the cigarette lighter. 5 to 40 liter containers Camping World 5L Snowbag, Igloo Collapse Cool 24 Blue, Igloo Ice Cube 14, EZetil KeepCool Professional 12 are perfect for storing food when you take a picnic or a trip to the cottage. They keep the desired temperature for 7-8 hours, and with special cold batteries Camping World CW M10 and M15, Ezetil Ice Akku 2300 and 400g several times longer. In this case, the calculation of the number of accumulators of cold – 200 g for every 6 liters of volume. If, however, the temperature needs to be constant for a long time, such as when constantly transporting food, or medical supplies, then you will need a refrigerator powered from the “cigarette lighter”. The choice of these devices is quite diverse, there are even refrigerators for installation in buses and trailers, the working volume of which exceeds 100 liters, but most consumers are perfectly suited for portable refrigerators with a volume of 10-40 liters, designed as a pouch with a shoulder strap Coolford CF 1221, Supra MBC-21, Waeco Bordbar TF-14, Ezetil E 21S plus 12v, Mobicool S28 , and in a more classic design Supra MFC-24, Waeco Coolfreeze CDF 11, Severin KB 2921, Coolfort CF-0835, Daewoo DICW-340 .

– Batteries for thermal bags need to be charged in a regular household refrigerator, and refrigerators powered from the “cigarette lighter” will have to be released from the contents for long periods of parking, for example overnight.


All modern cars are equipped with cabin heaters, but it takes 5-10 minutes for these heaters to start working while the engine is warming up. You can use special devices working from “a cigarette lighter” – heaters and heated capes for seats in order not to get cold in this period of time. Car heaters Coto 12V-901, Autolux HBA-31R, Autolux HBA-09R , “Turbine”, Nova are small 150-300 W devices, located on the stand usually rotary , attached to the inside panel of the car. They all have a mode of operation of the usual fan, which is relevant in summer, and in winter, in addition to the heating of the cabin, fan heaters cope wonderfully with defrosting of windows, which is enough to send a stream of warm air in the right direction. As with the choice of conventional heaters, you should pay attention to the type of heating element, which should be ceramic or semiconductor-ceramic does not burn oxygen, does not dry the air .

– Slightly reduce the front visibility, if fixed on the “torpedo” of the car.



Car seat covers are worth highlighting separately, so many functions they can perform: heating, cooling, ventilation and even massage. Similarity of models of different function and different manufacturers is only in that they are fixed on a standard car seat and powered from the cigarette lighter, but the used materials, technology, shape and price are different. The choice in this case depends on personal tastes, climate, wallet, health and even the car brand many cars have built-in seat heating . Capes with heating are very actual in winter WAECO Magic Comfort MH-40S, AUTOLUX HT-120 TermoSheld, HEYNER 12V, KIOKI 12V25, NOVA Valgo , and in summertime – unexpectedly! – you can use capes with cooling Waeco Magic Comfort MCS-10/N and ventilation Kioki 12V14 : they practically exclude the possibility to “stick” to the car seat and to appear in a decent society with wet traces on clothes. For those who suffer from back pain, swelling and muscle weakness at the end of the day will help capes with vibromassager Zenet TL-2005Z-F, US Medica Pilot, CMF-104 . And, of course, it won’t be worse if the cape combines several functions simultaneously: heating/cooling Homedics TRC-100-2EU, Autolux HT-121 TermoSheld , heating/massage Kioki 12V26 KCB-301 , Autolux HMC-115, Autoprofi mas-300 bk/gy, Peace of mind CM-1106 , heating/massage/ventilation Kioki 12V15, Homedics TRC-100-2EU, Autoprofi MAS-900GY .

– Rather expensive.


In order to ensure that the air in the car was clean even in urban “traffic” and polluted atmosphere, are designed car air cleaners and ionizers. These devices run the air through a cascade of filters that filter out dust, bacteria and allergens, then ionize and – in some models AirComfort GH-2130 – aromatize it, and only then release it into the cabin. Ionization is the saturation of the air with negatively charged particles anions that have a positive effect on the overall condition of the body, creating a mountain and forest air effect and, in addition, decompose certain harmful chemical compounds into neutral components. Ionizers can be quite small and powered from batteries Maxion GW 3610 and from the cigarette lighter AirComfort GH-2121, Cyclone CN-19, Maxion CARVITA 2S , can be quite powerful, designed for a large interior AirComfort GH-2130, Chung Pung CP-1000, Aic XJ-600, Cyclone CN-27 .

– Because the ventilation, heater or air conditioner is running all the time, the air in the cabin changes very quickly, and the ionizer doesn’t always have time to process this volume.



Car vacuum cleaners are markedly different from conventional vacuum cleaners. Firstly, the size – with a big vacuum cleaner in the cabin can’t unravel, and secondly, many models are powered by batteries, as the wire from the “cigarette lighter” can cling to the backs of seats, handles, steering wheel and other protruding parts. Cordless vacuum cleaners Bissell 15E5J, Electrolux ZB 3103, Sinbo SVC-3460, Philips FC 6142, Hoover SC 72DWG4 011 are usually without a pipe with a hose, have a dust bag for 0.2-0.4 liters, washable or replaceable filters and work time without charging 10-20 minutes this is usually enough to clean the cabin of a car. . Vacuum cleaners with power from the “cigarette lighter” Samsung VCH136DY, Defort DVC-55, Electrolux ZB 412 C, Black-Decker PAV1205 differ in average only slightly larger size. They are not as convenient to work, but do not depend on battery discharge time and do not need to recharge them from 220 V which is not always available on the road . Otherwise, car vacuum cleaners are similar to the usual vacuum cleaners: equipped with a dust bag fill indicator, protection systems, dry and wet cleaning modes, a variety of sets of nozzles. An alternative to a vacuum cleaner can be a portable, rechargeable vacuum cleaner, integrated into a home vacuum cleaner models Electrolux Ergo Rapido Plus 2 in 1, Samsung SS7555 Slone, Philips FC 6161, Vitek VT-1819, Bosch BBH MOVE, Zelmer VC1202, etc.p. . But in upright cordless vacuum cleaners Dyson series Digital Slim model DC45 and a novelty – DC62 does not removable small vacuum cleaner, but nevertheless, it is also a model “2 in 1”. Vertical vacuum cleaner is easily transformed into a portable device – you just need to detach the aluminum tube that connects the nozzle and the main part of the design: the nozzle is attached directly to the part where the motor and cyclone are located. The advantage of the models “2 in 1” is obvious: a portable vacuum cleaner can be used both at home and in the car, a full charge lasts for 20 minutes, and in some models – 30 minutes. But these vacuum cleaners can only be charged from the mains, so they are not suitable for constant use in the car. But sometimes you are welcome to take “kid” out of the house and vacuum the interior!

– Need for recharging for cordless vacuum cleaners, regular filter cleaning.



In cars you can also use ordinary household appliances. For this purpose it is enough to get a current converter for example, Defort DCI-150, Mobilen SP150 USB, etc. .p., Allows for 220-240 V output and a socket for a standard plug often with USB input . No appliance with a high energy consumption, such as an electric kettle, is recommended, but electric razors, hair dryers, chargers and other small appliances can be used. By the way, there are special car hair dryers eg, KOTO 12V-902 , which, in addition to direct purpose, is very convenient to use as a hand-heated fan – to warm up the cabin and defrost the windows. On the Internet you can find straighteners for hair, working from the “cigarette lighter” – just a godsend, allowing two or three movements to arrange themselves. As for the car electric razors, then it’s a questionable purchase, the origin of most of them is impossible to establish, most often it’s cheap Chinese “trinkets”. If you need to shave on the road, it is better to take cordless shavers from leading manufacturers, such as Philips, Braun, Panasonic, Remington, etc. And the latest proprietary technology from these manufacturers gives you the best shave you can get, with the battery lasts for years.

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