Test steam generator Tefal Pro Express Total GV8960

It has everything you need. Three temperature + steam intensity modes, with a steam hammer function at any selected temperature level, and not only at the maximum, as with some other systems. Auto power off and auto winding of the cord adds to the convenience of use. Removable water tank can be refilled at any time during ironing.


Total Steam GeneratorTefal Pro Express GV8960


steam: 6 bar, 120 g/min constant steam, 340 g/min steam stroke.

FIT: Gliss/Glide Protect Autoclean, length 25 cm, width 12.5 cm, wide plastic heel.

MODES: Normal, Min, Max, Power Zone concentrated steam output at tip of soleplate , vertical steam.

POWER: 2010-2400 Watt.

FEATURES: Removable 1.8L water tank, 2minute steam preparation time Normal mode ./em. 2 min. 8 sec., Possibility to refill water at any time Fastheatup system , the system of fixing the iron to the body Lock-system, automatic cord unwinding, the body of the system – plastic, electric cord 3G 1,00 mm2, the length of the electric cord 175 cm, the length of the hose from the boiler to the iron 162 cm.

CONTROL: electronic, power on button, Normal, Min, Max, Eco-mode backlight buttons, the need for self-calculation, auto shut-off after 8 minutes.

ACCESSORIES: Washed collector for scale removal.

DIMENSIONS: 28x45x22 cm.

WEIGHT: Iron 1kg 430g.



Steam station irons

Steam station irons


Everything is traditional: the plastic body, the handle and the “heel” of the iron, the multilayer branded soleplate. Water tank made of transparent plastic, reminiscent of those used in other household appliances, like coffee makers. At the same time it combines compactness and capacity: after all, almost two liters is the volume of a large kettle, and the container at the same time looks very small.

The Gliss/Glide Protect Autoclean iron’s soleplate has convex longitudinal lines that create an air gap between the fabric and the surface of the appliance, which, according to the manufacturer, ensures easy gliding. I should note right away that I have not noticed any unique sliding properties – the soleplate glides easily, especially in Max mode, when there is a lot of steam.

In my opinion, something else is more interesting: the manufacturers claim that the soleplate is self-cleaning and does not stick to it lint, dust, etc. microparticles on fabrics. The Tefal brand ceramic-metal soleplate incorporates palladium oxide Palladium . It is known for its catalytic properties when heated. A catalytic oxidation takes place at temperature: organic material dirt is transformed into steam. At least this is what the manufacturers claim.

I would like to mention the soleplate has a very long and sharp tip which penetrates very easily into all the inaccessible areas and enables quick and careful ironing e.g. under the buttons of shirts or jeans.

Steam holes of different diameter on more than 2/3 of the soleplate. Interesting is the so called Power Zone: in the spout of the soleplate, the maximum amount of steam is released when the corresponding function is activated, simply put, when you press the steam button on the handle of the iron. This steam stroke is designed to iron the hardest and most difficult places. The manufacturers also allow this iron to be placed vertically on the “heel”, as all housewives are used to.

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Push-button, located on the base. The steam generator has 3 main modes, which combine temperature and steam release intensity settings Smarttechnology electronic regulation system , depending on the type of fabric. You can steam stroke in any mode by pressing the button on the handle of the iron. You have to press the button under the handle for constant steam delivery like most other steam generators .

When you turn it on with a special button on the control panel, the system automatically begins working in Normal mode. These two buttons are in the center of the panel and are larger than the others, which shows their importance for your work. You can change the mode at any time of ironing, just press the Min or Max button, which are located to the left and right of the Normal button. As we are faced with a real modern European, there is an Eco button, by pressing it you can save energy without compromising the quality of ironing. Up to 20% energy saving.

You have 2 more indicators below, one showing when the water in the tank is empty, and one showing when the boiler needs to be decalcified.

You’ll be pleased to know that the system switches itself off after 8 minutes, as soon as you’ve touched the iron for the last time. Thanks to this system, many people will forget about that dreadful thought, “Did I forget to turn off the iron??”


The steam generator is ready for use very quickly – the standard 2 minutes. While the iron has not reached the set temperature and steam mode, the indicators flash. Once the system is ready, you can start ironing. I must note that the system cannot be called the quietest in the test: the heating of the water in the boiler is accompanied by noise. It is rather monotonous and monotonous, there are no abrupt drops and incomprehensible bursts of volume like some other models.

In order to iron 8 layers of a satin duvet cover, it was necessary to switch the mode to Max, in which case the iron accomplished the task.

In this mode, by the way, the iron starts to glide much easier, almost flying over the fabrics. Notable increase in steam output, even without the steam blow feature.

Delicate garments require gentle care, so use the Min ironing mode.

There is also an option of vertical steaming, if this function interests you.

PRIDING! The iron is heavy enough, its weight is about the same as for standalone devices without a separate water tank. You’re unlikely to notice this when you go from a regular iron to a steam generator, but in the comparison test it’s especially noticeable.

Steam station irons


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Decalcification has always been a strong point of the company’s products, and this steam iron was no exception. I have already written about the soleplate cleaning, or rather about the self-cleaning, let’s see how the system fights with limescale.

The steam generator is designed for use with tap water. If it is very hard in your area, you should mix it with distilled water in the ratio of 50 to 50.

The manual also says you can use water softeners, as long as they don’t strew. I’m not quite sure what means manufacturers have in mind. Better, of course, to use filtered water.

The boiler has a built-in collector to collect scale. It needs to be removed and cleaned when the indicator light on the control panel lights up orange.

A complete cleaning of the boiler is recommended after 25 uses or once every 6 months.

If the self-cleaning soleplate should still have some marks or dirt on it, it is advisable to wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.

And one more very interesting feature related to the system storage is the rare for this kind of equipment possibility of auto winding of the cord. A little thing, but a lot of fun! Simply press the button and the cord disappears inside the steam generator.


Everything you need is in this system. Three modes of temperature + steam intensity supported by the possibility of steam impact, and at any selected temperature level, not only at the maximum, as with some other systems. Auto shut off and auto winding cord add to the convenience of operation. Removable water container can be “refilled” at any time of ironing. The iron can be placed vertically, you don’t have to put it on the pad on the base. It is sure to please many. Quick setup time allows you to iron with this steam generator, even in the morning rush.

For those who want to control all their bills, there’s an Eco Mode.

In general, the performance and ergonomics are at a high European level.

What did not like: the noise of the system, especially during the heating of the water in the boiler, and the weight of the iron itself.

Strongest Steam Impact.







the iron is heavy after all .




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