Philips GC8650/80 PeusaectCare Aqua steam generator test

The system is fully automated. So all controls are as simple as possible, you just need to turn the steam generator on and off after work. And you can not turn it off – it will turn itself off after about 10 minutes if no one touches it. The light on the iron goes out and the power light on the base starts blinking.

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Steam generator Philips GC8650/80 PerfectCare Aqua


steam: pressure of 6,2 bar, constant steam up to 120 g/min, steam stroke of 330g.

T-ionicGlide, length 24.5 cm, width 11.6 cm, narrow spout.

MODES: automatic OptimalTemp, Eco-mode energy savings 20% , Auto shut off system after 10 min. . .

POWER: 2000-2400 Watt.

FEATURES: Ability to leave the iron on the ironing board or on the fabric,

2,5 l water boiler, time to get ready for use – claimed. 2 min./em. 1 min.50 sec, open handle design, iron stand with Carry lock, steam hose storage compartment, electric cord.d., electric cord length 180 cm, hose length from the boiler to the iron 170 cm, Descaling system.

CONTROL: On-base “on” button./off switch.” with power indicator, Easy de-calc indicator, Eco mode button, steam button on the handle of the iron with possible auto mode for 13 min.

ACCESSORIES: Easy de-calc valve.

DIMENSIONS: System 36.2x27x26.3 cm.

WEIGHT: iron 1 kg 80 g.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


Home Appliances


Everything is pretty traditional for a household system: base with plastic housing and large non-removable water tank with transparent walls and maximum level indicator.

Plastic handle on the iron is made in an open design, which adds to the model lightness. It’s easy to grip the iron when you carry it. It is placed on the platform on a special base and locked with a padlock. The fit is so secure: you can carry the entire steam generator from place to place by the handle of the iron.

PRINTING! And to note right away, it’s hard to carry the steam generator by the handle of the iron when there’s water in the container. Still have to lift the system with two hands, holding the bottom.

Special attention needs to be paid to the T-ionicGlide iron soleplate. Not found on many Philips models. Stainless steel base, 6 layers in total, top coating made of titanium oxide. Features a sharp taper to the tip that makes it long and narrow. It easily penetrates under clothing buttons and allows you to iron darts and creases in hard-to-reach places. Steam holes across the soleplate allow steam to penetrate evenly into the fabric and steam the entire surface of the garment when ironing.

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Fully automatic. That’s why all controls are simplified as much as possible, you only need to literally turn on the steam generator and turn it off when the work is done. And you don’t have to turn it off – it will shut itself off after about 10 minutes if no one touches it. The light on the iron goes out and the light on the base flashes.

The most interesting thing is that the iron can be left on the ironing board or the object you are ironing without a slightest fear, nothing bad happens, it has been tested. I purposely left the iron on and made sure the fabric was intact and the system shut off after the manufacturer’s specified time.

So you just press the central button on the base of the steam generator. A blue light flashes along the handle of the iron. As soon as it stops flashing, the system is ready to go. There are no switches for different fabrics or different steam powers. Equipped with automatic mode, OptimalTemp technology. Advanced Smart Control processor controls and maintains the required steam and temperature level.

Press and hold the steam button on the handle when ironing. You can turn on continuous steam for 13 min. To do this, you need to press the steam button twice.

If you’re worried about power consumption, you can activate the ECO mode, which reduces the steam power. To activate the mode there is a button on the left side of the control panel.



When the system is switched on, you can hear the noise of the system for a few seconds, but for the rest of the time there is practically no noise.

PRINTING! The manufacturers claim that the system has a noise filter and sound absorbing platform and therefore the noise level is significantly reduced. Honestly, I have not noticed any difference between this system and the others in the test. All the systems have intermittent noise, and all of them have lower noise than I thought before the test.

Ironing with this steam generator is easy and pleasant. Steam penetrates all the fabric, the process is quick. The iron itself is lightweight, it is pleasant to hold in hands.

The results are amazing: duvet covers were ironed folded in 4 8 layers . Towel steamed perfectly through 4 layers.

SHIPPING! If the thing is severely over-dried, it may leave little visible crease marks.

Because the iron is lightweight, it is also very useful for vertically steaming garments in cases where this method is more convenient.

Note that the iron is very quickly ready for use only takes about 2 minutes , this allows you to use the system even in the morning, when there is not a single minute to spare. It is easy to use, even if you just iron one shirt or blouse.

The automatic mode, no need to select the correct temperature and the fact that the iron can safely be left on the ironing board, in my case, led to the fact that the system is used with pleasure by my teenage son, when he needed to iron a freshly laundered T-shirt before going for a walk.



Steam generator designed for use with tap water. True, the manufacturer emphasizes that in homes with very hard water, it is better to use distilled or softened water filters.

The system has a descaling operation. And the control panel has a limescale cleaning indicator. It blinks every month of use after 10 ironing sessions . In this case, it is recommended to perform the cleaning operation following the instructions. It’s so easy, it doesn’t take long to perform.

The manufacturer also recommends cleaning the iron soleplate from scale, if necessary, you need to pour 500 ml of distilled water into the iron, turn the appliance on, wait 5 minutes and for 3 minutes to iron a thick cloth, keeping the steam button pressed. Dirty hot water will flow out of the soleplate. Cleaning can be stopped when water stops flowing from the soleplate.

If you don’t follow this advice, you might run into a small problem: When you start ironing, the steam and dirt can get on the fabric. If the thing is light, you will have to choose another garment, and it will have to be rewashed.


The steam generator is suitable for modern housewives, who iron as needed, but treat this as a regular household routine, without fanaticism, and they need it quickly, efficiently and without too much trouble. Perfect for absent-minded people, young mothers who may be distracted by a child at any moment. You can leave the iron on, on the fabric or on the ironing pad, you can forget about it, nothing bad happens to your clothes, your board or your home.

Easy operation makes it easy to use and you don’t have to think about ironing: ideal for those who iron as you need it.

Note the great qualities of the iron: very narrow tip, easy glide, good even steam. The iron itself is lightweight, handle is ergonomic, it is easy and comfortable to hold.

What’s not to like? In fact, there are no negative emotions. If you pick and choose, you could make the water container removable and illustrate the readiness of the system not only by a color indicator, but also by a sound signal. The only thing if you regularly iron, for example, ballroom dancing suits or, on the contrary, products made of very dense fabric and like to control everything, then having only automatic mode will not suit you.

The most automatic and safe.


Functionality – 9 automatic mode is good, but the complete lack of choice is bad .

Control: 10.

Leaving – 10.

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