Tefal Pro Express Total GV8960: the fastest and most efficient one touch ironing

You want your clothes to look perfect without the effort and time taken? Tefal invents the Pro Express Total GV8960 which makes taking care of your household chores quick and easy. Electronic temperature control means you don’t have to worry about soleplate temperature and steam power to get perfect ironing results.

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It’s no secret that every type of fabric needs a specific approach – whether it’s a lightweight delicate fabric or difficult to iron linen. Tefal has the solution: now your clothes ironed perfectly. Smart Technology Auto Control, a unique one-touch electronic control system gives you the perfect setting for any fabric. Choose from three programs and the system will automatically maintain preset settings for perfect results.

NORMAL mode is suitable for most fabrics. You no longer need to sort your clothes, you can iron silk right after cotton, or any kind of ironable garment, without the risk of damaging them.

Turn on “MAX” mode “JEANS” and the steam generator easily handles denim clothes and even very dry linen tablecloths.


Delicate fabrics need gentle handling. MIN “DELICATE” mode protects the most delicate items so they always look perfect.

Constant steam is the key to effective smoothing. It penetrates deep into the fabric under high pressure and helps you get through large quantities of laundry quickly and easily! The new Tefal Pro Express Total GV8960 features a 6 bar steam pressure and a powerful 340 g/min steam stroke to smooth out the most stubborn creases, so your clothes will always look spotless!

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The new Tefal Pro Express Total GV8960 has a range of extra benefits. The Glide Protect Autoclean soleplate glides effortlessly across fabrics, and the advanced construction of the scale collector makes it even easier to take care of the steam generator! A light tells you when it’s time to clean the collector – just remove it from the boiler and rinse under running water.

Smart Technology, a unique electronic control system, an extra powerful steam stroke and French quality – with the Pro Express Total GV8960 you get perfect results at the touch of a button!

Tefal – you can’t do without your ideas!

Pro Express Total GV8960 price: 15 999 Dollars.

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