Test of the KEF KIT-530 Home Theater


Great sound quality, easy setup, compact size.


No clear disadvantages, except for the price, have been found. However, KEF KIT-530 explicitly alludes to its belonging to the premium segment, but the price criteria there are completely different..

KEF_KIT_530_1 home theater test

KEF KIT-530 Home Theater


The system attracts the eye with its elegance, smooth lines, thought-out graceful forms. Very small size of the receiver and speakers will not cause any problems to find a place for. One look at the speaker itself is enough to see that the designers were inspired by… an ordinary chicken egg. You think it’s too trivial? But as they say all ingenious things are simple. Anyway, in our opinion, the speaker system looks really cool.

The KEF KIT-530 is controlled by a neat little flat remote control with soft blue backlit keys. The company’s engineers and designers managed to combine simplicity and functionality in it – the control keys are located on it in such a way that you can start using it without looking after the first minutes of acquaintance.


We listened to music records in stereo mode. Listening test: system produces very clear and detailed sound, surroundings are well defined, depth of space is clearly perceived.

Bass is solid and velvety, every note is audible. Piano sounds great, with the natural overtones of a live instrument. The result is a complete sense that you’re not listening to a recording, and a live performance. Acoustic guitar sounds very good – the sound is detailed, you can clearly hear the plucking of the strings, the movement of the fingers on the fingerboard. Saxophone sounds really, really good–natural, bright, rich in nuance–you can hear the musician’s lips and breath. Drum parts are played naturally, with natural, “live” dynamics, the bass drum sounds powerful and pushy. Clearly performed localization of music images. The vocal parts have a natural timbre, “live” intonations and emotions, the “play” of the voice is clearly audible. Vocals “performed” by KEF KIT-530 you want to listen again and again.

When playing movie soundtracks, the system demonstrates a clear focused transmission of dialogues, characters’ voices are distinguished by natural warm timbre and natural intonation. Great conveyance of the film atmosphere, creating a real feeling of immersion into the events taking place on the screen. well designed environment, different little sounds in the background, which just creates a realistic atmosphere the heroes are walking through a snowy forest, and you can hear the crunch of snow, and the wind rustling in the branches of the trees around . Sound source localization is always accurate. The sound of the voices will change depending on where the action is set, so whether it’s in the woods or a small room, the voices will sound differently according to the type of acoustic environment.


The on-screen menu, which gives access to the settings and functions of the device, is made on the solid five – well chosen color design, fonts, logically arranged menu items, there are no problems with navigation.

First time you use the system, it does a quick setup using the Quick Set Up Wizard. You can choose your language, TV connection type, screen format, etc.p. Perhaps the most crucial moment in the whole process of setting up is the setup of the sound system. You need to select the type of speakers, set the propagation time delay and signal level from the menu. A special noise signal can be used to check and, if necessary, adjust the settings.

The USB port allows you to use as a source of signal a portable device equipped with USB-interface, such as flash memory or portable MP3-player. By connecting the KEFDock to the dock, you can dock your iPod and use it as an auxiliary source.

You can extend your sound system with a pair of additional rear speakers, which use a wireless radio link to transmit the sound. The KEFWireless 5005 or KEF Wireless System must be purchased as an accessory.


: 110 600 Dollars.

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