Test of De’longhi TRD 0820 ER oil heater

Climatic appliance
Climate control equipment

FEATURES: Best ratings on usability, timer and programmability, remote control, very low variability in set point temperature, good safety system.

RESTRICTIONS: absence of “do not cover” marking, high enough power consumption.

Technical Data

Oil radiator with electronic control

Oil heater De'longhi TRD 0820 ER


POWER: nominal – 2000 W, 1st heater – 800 W, 2nd heater – 1200 W, power consumption at 220 V – 1780 W, deviation -6,9%

Power consumption at rated voltage 1849W, deviation: -7.6%.


FEATURES: external casing De’Longhi patented , clock, timer, remote control, wheels for moving, transport handle, cord dispenser, power cord PVC covered – 1,39 m.

INDICATION: light, switching on, timer and heating stages.

COLOR: gray.

DIMENSIONS: 445×240×645 mm.

WEIGHT: 14,37 kg.

PRICE: 3 990 Dollars.


The smooth lines of the outer casing are combined with the soft shapes of the legs holding the wheels. External heatsink cover – De’Longhi patent. Thanks to the design of the sections, the convection of the hot air is accelerated, resulting in a much faster heating rate. Everything you need is on the front panel.

The display shows the selected mode, power level, time, set temperature. Under it, there are two indicators: power on and ready to work at the programmed time. On the left side there are two knobs to set the clock, and on the right side there are two knobs to set the timer. Below – the buttons for selecting power and temperature. The whole control panel is divided into logical zones. Very convenient!

Heating rate

Deviations of the measured power from the rated power are within the norms of GOST. Oil radiator warmed up to working temperature in 12 min 20 sec. It is not very fast.

The side-radiation efficiency of +2.45° C shows that the warm air in this heater is mostly directed upward.

Functional parameters

The temperature in a room with an area of 10 sq.The heater gets 10 degrees Celsius in 1 hour and 15 minutes, which is good. So in an hour and a quarter the room will warm up from +10 to +20°C. At this speed, the heater “eats” 2.2 kW of electricity, which does not indicate an economical use of electricity.

To maintain the set temperature in the room, the heater switches automatically to “max”.and “medium”.”modes. At the same time it consumes 1.56 kW – this is quite a high figure. Temperature is kept at a very high level of accuracy with as little as 0.5° C fluctuations – the best temperature control indicator.

After a few hours of operation on one level, the temperature “slips” up only 1.67ºC. Such a change is impossible to feel without special instruments and measurements.

The convenience of operation

This is the most comfortable heater in the test: in six points out of ten, it earned the maximum score!

The pleasure of using it starts as soon as you take it out of the box: simply fold back the legs and you are ready to use it! It is the only device among those tested that does not require complex mounting of supports.

A separate button is provided for turning the device on and switching the heating stages. Press once for maximum power, press once for medium power, press once for minimum power, press once for minimum power, press once for power off. Everything is clear and convenient. Another top score!

We offer two ways to control our thermostat: with the control panel and with the remote control. Temperature is set from 5ºC to 35ºC in 1ºC steps by pressing “+” and “-” buttons. The remote control itself is very handy, with clear buttons. This is the only thermostat on the market with a remote control: You can change the room temperature without getting up from the couch, which is very convenient, isn’t it?.

The indication also got the best score: one light tells you when it’s plugged in, another tells you that the timer is programmed. And the information about the stages of heating is given in color: red – maximum power, yellow – medium, green – minimum.

Instructions for the device are detailed, understandable, with clear drawings.

But this did not go without criticism. The marking on the heater is pale gray and does not show any contrast, and the texts are in English. The handle is easy to move, but the wheels are a little sluggish. The cord winding device is a little small, the last coil is hard to attach. The best way to clean the heater from dust is to use a vacuum cleaner: it easily removes the dust from under the protective cover.

An additional feature is the programming option that allows you to turn on the heater in advance, before you arrive home, so that you can enter an already warm room. In addition, you can set the time of automatic switching off of the heater, and in a specified time interval the set temperature will be maintained.


The heater successfully passed all the tests, but it did get one comment on the marking.

The manual has all the necessary information: and the prohibition to install the heater in the vicinity of the outlet, the order of repairs, which requires opening the container with the oil, the need to follow the instructions on the disposal of the oil heater out of service.

But the inscription in American “do not cover” for some reason is absent.

Power consumption deviation measured at nominal voltage is within the GOST norms.

Temperature of external parts of heater body is only 79°C, which means that in case of accidental contact with the device, no chance of getting burnt!

In the “abnormal operation” test, the heater passed the difficult tests. Even if its careless owners will hang clothes on it or will drop the switched on hot device on the floor – the “clever” heater will not allow unhappiness. We remind you that you cannot dry clothes on the heater! .

The device coped perfectly with the stability test: it does not tilt on the plane inclined at an angle of 15° to the horizontal, even when being subjected to the force of 5 N. Power cord has PVC insulation, but because the heater is wearing a protective cover, the cord can not touch hot surfaces, which fully complies with GOST standards.

No contact with live parts.

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