Test the Dyson AM05 Hot fan heater&Cool: test on children and animals

We’ve tested Dyson’s previous AM04 Hot™ fan heater, which was designed to heat a room quickly and evenly. Convenience, precise temperature control, fast heating of the room, complete safety, fan mode – all its advantages are in the new Dyson AM05 Hot&Cool. But Dyson engineers do things for a reason: if there’s an updated version, it means it’s more advanced.

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Dyson AM05 Hot&Cool fan heater


In conventional heaters, the heated air is set in motion by a turbine and propeller blades covered by louvers. Dust accumulates in them, which, getting on a heating element and heating, begins to smolder, filling the room with unpleasant smell. Dyson heaters are different. The basis of their work is a patented technology to enhance the movement of air Air Multiplier ™: air passing through the slotted holes of the oval circuit, creates a powerful jet of air. Due to the aerodynamic shape of the oval contour profile, the air is drawn in the lower part of the device and drawn along the contour of the oval, increasing the total air flow up to 6 times. Up to 28 liters of air pass through the fan heater per second! There are no blades and gratings, the temperature of the heating element does not exceed 200 ⁰C, there is no smell of burning dust or the danger of its ignition.

Dyson models are temperature controlled to within a degree. So they are very economical: after heating the room to a predetermined temperature the device runs in standby mode, consuming only 0.5 W.


We tested the novelties in an ordinary city apartment in a room of 18 m². We had a seven year old boy, Sasha, and the cat, Timosha, help us.


The Dyson AM05 spreads heat over a large distance, unlike conventional heaters, which work as local heaters: they are often bought as an additional source of heating and placed under your feet or “by your side. The Dyson AM05 is different in that it can be the main only heater in a room due to its ability to spread heat far away thanks to its powerful airflow. We turned off the radiator in the room for a while. The temperature dropped from 22 to 16 ⁰C in 2 hours it’s December, -1 ⁰C outside . We turned on the Dyson AM05, set the temperature to 21⁰C and set the airflow to medium speed 5. After 14 minutes the temperature rose to the required level. Of course, if you “warm up” the room not in an apartment building, but for example in the country house, you need more time. On the other hand, we could have heated the room much faster, literally in 2-3 minutes, if we had set a higher temperature immediately, but we wanted exactly “soft” heat.

Our helper Sasha gave us a good idea: “Put the heater by the window and I’ll sit here, on the sofa by the wall and I’ll catch the heat!”The wording is of course childish, but such an idea made sure that the heat from the Dyson AM05 can be felt at a distance of almost five meters we set the temperature at 28 ⁰C and the maximum airflow rate. Our Sasha was sitting and whispered: “Is it warm for you, maiden?? – It’s warm, because I’m testing the heater!”


For the Dyson to work without heating, you have to lower the temperature to 0 ⁰C. You set the airflow rate in the same way as in the fan heater mode. Starts blowing without heat, resulting in a cooler sensation due to the high airflow.


Firstly, the device turns off when tipped. We found this out by experience, when our young naturalist accidentally hit it while running around the room. The device turned off as promised in the manual.

Secondly we touched the inside of the case right after 30 minutes of operation. The outer panel is not heated at all, the inner – is heated, but unpleasant feelings occur if you hold your finger for more than a couple of seconds – that is impossible to get burnt. One minute after turning it off, the panel cooled down completely.

Thirdly, we were joined by Timon, the mustachioed expert, who was peacefully sleeping the whole time of the test, but decided to check what the whole family was having fun with? And came to us… right through the oval of the fan heater. At first he stuck his head in it, and then he jumped up and was on the other side of the device: he should perform in a circus! Of course, we already knew that a fan heater without blades and grilles was completely safe, but this visual proof was very helpful.


Sometimes you need to wipe the circuit of the fan heater with a cloth to remove dust. Easy and pleasant to do: the surface is so smooth that everything happens in seconds.


POWER: max 2000W.

CONTROL: On and remote buttons: On/Off button, selector switch, ON/OFF button, selector switch, ON/OFF button, selector switch, ON/OFF button, selector switch./off., Increase and decrease the temperature, increase and decrease the airflow rate 10 levels , turning the casing. Digital display showing temperature and airflow rate, auto shut off if overheated or dropped. Adjusting and maintaining the room temperature from 1 to 37 ⁰C smart thermostat .

CONSTRUCTION: ABS plastic housing, ceramic heating element not heated above 200 ° C , the rotation of the body at 70 ° vertical tilt of 10 ° in both directions, 1.8 m cord length.

COLOR: silver/blue, steel/blue.

DIMENSIONS: 579mm x 200mm x 153mm. WEIGHT: 2,43 kg.


PRICE: 24 990 Dollars.

Minimal noise, precise temperature control, fast heating, powerful cooling effect in fan mode, safety, stylish design, no smell of burning dust, easy cleaning, rotating and tilting the body, economical, compact and lightweight, simple, intuitive operation, remote control.

Not very handy to carry the device: only take it “on the handles”, because you can not hold it by the top of the case.

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