Test carob coffee maker SINBO SCM 2926

Coffee machines are steadily gaining ground in store windows, forcing out coffee carob coffee machines. And why not, these humble toilers with pressure of 15 bar make great espresso and whip up milk foam for cappuccino, and what’s nice, they are much more affordable than automatic devices.

Technique for drinks

Technical specifications

Carob Coffee Maker


PRESSURE: 15 bar.

FEATURES: can make espresso, cappuccino, latte.

FEATURES: panarello maker attachment.

CONSTRUCTION: removable water tank 1,25 l, removable drip tray, plastic coffee spoon with tray stamping device, stainless steel cone, panarello nozzle.

DIMENSIONS: 27x30x30 cm.



The technology for drinks

This compact and cute coffee machine pleasantly surprised us with its capabilities: it really knows how to brew espresso! Coffee is delicious, with a thick, cream-colored “cap. It’s very simple: pour the coffee with the spoon provided, turn the spoon the other way and press down firmly on the powder.

The tamping process is very important. Ideally it should be made with a force of about 14 kg. Check the correctness of tamping can be a fairly simple way, though experts strongly recommend this procedure over any container. Just turn the cone upside down: the pod shouldn’t fall out.

But let’s say right off the bat: we didn’t test our tamper this way – we just put the coffee in, pressed and put the horn back in the coffee maker. You can perfect your tumbling skills if you like and surprise your friends when they meet you by doing the trick of turning the cone upside down and making a surprisingly good espresso.

We put a beaker with hastily pressed coffee into the machine, switch it on and wait until the red light goes out and the green one comes on. Before writing this article, we checked the manual and were surprised to see that the manufacturer recommends preheating the machine and even pouring out a cup of water before placing the beaker in the cup.

We didn’t do it, and we are not sure that in the conditions of morning time pressure anyone will be engaged in such a complicated procedure. Even without it, the coffee is great. The espresso is made very quickly, the speed of delivery is high, and the crema is first in the cup &frac34 The foam rises to the top and becomes firmer in just a few seconds.

So, when we immediately poured the sugar, it went down to the bottom lightning fast, a second later we repeated the experiment – the sugar froze on the surface of the foam and then slowly went down.


The brewing time 40 ml is 17 seconds.

Drink temperature – 67°C.

Crema height 8 mm.

The settling time of 1 spoon of sugar is 1.5 seconds.


Tip from the experts. When buying milk, you should be guided not only by the fat content, but also by the percentage of protein average – 2.8 g per 100 g of product . The higher it is, the better. You can find milk on the shelves, where this indicator is 3.2 g per 100 g of product.

The method to create milk foam is the same as in all carob coffee machines: turn the lever to the right to set the steam position and put a cup with milk under the nozzle. Steam enters the milk, saturates it, and a high froth rises. Of course, the quality of the crema depends on the milk and the crema maker’s skills.

But there’s nothing complicated about this science, anyone can learn. The crema is quite high, sometimes thicker, sometimes more loose. There have been cases where the crema has barely risen and the milk just boils over.

Getting milk foam

Initial milk volume – 50 ml.

Time of preparation – 35 seconds.

The resulting volume is 200 ml.

Crema settling time – 35 min. almost to the original volume .

Coffee pod in a cone

Its quality depends on the coffee volume and the degree of tamping. But even so, more often than not, the tablet was dry and dense.



It’s all so easy. After plugging the appliance into the socket, you press the button just above the switch. At first the red light on the left side lights up – the machine is heating up, then that light turns off and the green light on the right side lights up – the machine is ready for use.

The lid has a warming pad for the cups, it really warms up nice and fast. There is a drip tray underneath the cup. It is easy to take out for cleaning.

The cone can be inserted and withdrawn quite easily and rotated just as easily – no effort is needed. Water tank is always visible, so you can easily monitor the level.

Automatic shutdown unit is not provided, you must press the button – and the coffee machine turns off.

The manufacturer recommends to descale the machine every 2-3 months. For this purpose it is recommended to use a solution of citric acid 3 grams of acid per 100 grams of water , it should take about 10-15 minutes in total

Coffee Makers

Advantages: b

Espresso brews quickly and crema is consistently high. Easy operation, reasonable price.

Coffee makers

Disadvantages: n

No automatic shutoff, the beverage can be poured into a tall cup by pulling back the stand.

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