Test of the KRUPS XP56 SERIE Carob Coffee Maker

Coffee machines are steadily gaining position in the windows of stores, forcing coffee carob coffee machines. And why not, these humble toilers with pressure of 15 bar make excellent espresso and whip up milk foam for cappuccino, and what’s nice, they are much more affordable than automatic devices.



Carob Coffee Maker


pressure: 15 bar.

OPPORTUNITIES: espresso, cappuccino, latte.

FEATURES: automatic adjustment of coffee bead density – strength selection, panarello nozzle, ESE system of quick coffee waste ejection.

CONSTRUCTION: removable 1.1 liter water tank, removable drip tray, coffee spoon made of steel, stainless steel cone, panarello nozzle.

DIMENSIONS: 30x23x30 cm.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


Coffee machines

The main advantage of this coffee maker is the patented system of automatic coffee beating. It looks like this: you fill the cone with the coffee spoon included in the kit then you put it in place and turn it clockwise.

With this, the horn is not just fixed, but as if “twisted” into the coffee maker. The further you turn the cone handle, the tighter the coffee beats and the stronger the espresso. This is an ingenious system! No need to make any effort for a top-quality espresso!

Why it matters? As the Italians say, good coffee in coffee machines is obtained when it is prepared by a specially trained barista. So, this coffee machine replaces the barista: it makes the coffee properly. The result is actually quite impressive. Not changing the type of coffee, but just changing the coffee maker in the office, we got a stronger and tastier drink.


Beverage preparation time 40 ml – 34 sec.

Beverage temperature 72° C.

Crema height – 1 cm.

Settling time of 1 sugar spoon – 2 seconds.



Cappuccino froth must be created with the panarello maker attachment. From &frac14 a glass of milk chilled in the fridge we used ultrapasteurized milk from a American manufacturer, the name of which is taken from a popular cartoon and has a fat content of 2.5% , we got a whole glass of milk with the foam.

Sometimes, in about 1% of the cases, the milk fails to whip: it boils over and the foam sinks. But in 99% of cases the crema is great, it is high and dense. After you’ve had your cappuccino, you can eat it with a spoon.

Algorithm of making cappuccino

Coffee makers

When the machine is ready for operation, we put a cappuccino maker with milk under the nozzle. Turn the regulator to the “Steam” position and immerse the tube in a cup with milk. Steam dispenses, and the milk cloud gathers and grows right in front of your eyes.

You can rotate the cup, you can simply lower it a little as the foam grows so that the nozzle does not sink into it. When the foam reaches the level you want, turn the knob to the “off” position.”.

The coffee machine puffs for a few seconds, letting the rest of the steam out, then you put a cup with milk and froth under the cone with the coffee in it and turn the lever to the “coffee” position. Espresso flows into the froth. When you have brewed your cup of coffee, you return the lever to the neutral position.

If you use a clear glass, you can see the layering of the drink after a few seconds: milk at the bottom, coffee in the middle, and a cloud of crema on top.

Milk foam production

The initial milk volume is 50 ml.

Cooking time – 34 seconds.

Get a cup of 350 ml.

Crema settling time 32 min. up to 150 ml .

The coffee tablet in the cone

After taking out the cone at 95% we saw a dense, dry tablet. This means that the coffee is prepared perfectly. I couldn’t get 5% of the tablets to work: the coffee was wet. This is most likely due to the fact that there was very little coffee in it.



Button on the body, the regulator to select the mode: steam, boiling, neutral, coffee.

The operation of the appliance is very logical and straightforward. The light on the button illuminates as an indicator: when the machine is not ready for operation it is heating up or cooling down after steam delivery, etc. , it can be turned on and off.d. , LED is blinking. When the light is constantly on, you can make coffee or froth.

The knob is easy to turn to select the desired setting.

The beaker fits back in easily. To remove it, you press the button on the handle and turn it counterclockwise – no effort needed – it is very easy to take out.

Special Features


Since every new beverage is prepared with a fresh amount of water, once the process is finished the remaining water in the boiler is poured into the grounds.

After making the milk foam, the coffee maker gives away the remaining steam for a few seconds. At this time it “puffs” and actively steams.

The water tank is hidden under the lid, there is also a place to store the coffee spoon.

Coffee maker turns off automatically after 9 minutes.


Advantages: it makes a great espresso. Makes a good cappuccino. Easy operation.


The disadvantages: in order to pour the coffee into a tall cup, you have to move the base.

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