Test of the electric coffee maker-turk Sinbo SCM 2908

Small appliances for the kitchen

The idea itself is a wonderful one: the electric maker is perfect for Turkish coffee making, and it allows coffee lovers to brew it at hotels, offices, and anywhere there is a socket. You can immediately add sugar to the strainer! It can be used as a kettle, boiling ordinary water in it. The shape of the distiller itself and the grip of the handle is extremely comfortable, the plastic is thick and looks reliable and quality. The wire is long and thick, and therefore safer. I was very pleased that the water boils quickly – 2-3 times faster than any of the travel teapots of similar volume, despite the fact that the kettles have a lid, but the turkey – no. It’s also great to make cocoa in this miracle – why is it worse than coffee??

Small appliances for the kitchen

Lack of automatic shut-off and water splashing out when pouring and boiling the full amount of water is understandable for a turkey: after all, you have to watch the coffee and turn it off as soon as it boils. You can cook in this device not more than 300 ml of the beverage. There is one more small disadvantage – the marks “minimum” and “maximum” inside the pot are hardly visible.

Electric coffee maker-Sinbo SCM 2908


POWER: 1000W.

VOLUME: 0.4 ltr, min. volume 0.15 ltr.

HEATING ELEMENT: disc enclosed.


ELECTRIC CONNECTION: Length 110 cm, H05VV-F 3G0.75 mm².

CONSTRUCTION: wired connection without stand, long ergonomic handle, pouring spout.

SAFETY: insulated handle, “Do not put in water” marking on the bottom of the appliance, detailed instructions. Can only be plugged into a grounded outlet a metal spoon can be used in this case .



Electric Coffee Maker Sinbo SCM 2908

Boiling speed

Full brew in 2 minutes and 10 seconds, standard coffee in 41 seconds 150 ml . Boiling speed – 3,08 ml/sec.

Tested for two weeks boiling the full volume 3 times a day, 2 times in a row

The electric pressure cooker worked well for two weeks in the office of an avid coffee drinker, who used it 4-5 times a day. By the way, our tester didn’t want to part with it, the coffee machine has been working in his office for two months now, and we haven’t had any complaints.

The work of the protective system auto shut off when boiling and insufficient water volume

Always keep water boiling, turn appliance off manually, no automatic shut off.

Noise level

Medium, not disturbing or distracting, although because of the open design it is stronger than some travel teapots. True, the noise will not last long – because the water boils pretty quickly!

Extraneous tastes and smells of water boiled in this appliance

Nothing like this even on the first day of use!

700 Dollars.

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