Sony DT55-300mm F4 telephoto zoom lens.5-5.6 SAM: extreme sports and wildlife at a similar price

Sony introduces the new DT55-300mm F4 telephoto zoom lens.5-5.6 SAM with silent, fast-acting AF drive for A mount α cameras. New Sony zoom lens captures everything from perfectly framed portraits to wildlife and extreme sports.


Optimised for all APS-C sized α cameras, this compact, stylish interchangeable lens delivers effortless image quality at an attractive price – making it a must-have for any photographer.

A versatile 5.5x zoom range covering focal lengths from 55mm to 300mm. At maximum magnification, this is a 450mm super-telephoto lens in 35mm equivalent : enough power to capture the grace of animals in the wild or the thrilling action on the treadmill.

Quiet Autofocus Motor Smooth Autofocus SAM is ideal for fast tracking autofocus in cameras that use Translucent Mirror Technology. Even when the subject is moving quickly, all of your still images and Full HD video will be clearly focused.

The SAL55300’s advanced optical design makes the most of the high pixel count of today’s high-resolution sensors. Used in high-end Sony G Lens, the Extra-Low Dispersion ED-Glass element reduces color distortion for better image quality at medium to long focal lengths.

Impressively effective MTF Modulation Transfer Function delivers impeccable resolution to capture the finest detail.

Sony’s new SAL55300 interchangeable lens for A-mount cameras goes on sale in mid-September 2012. Approximate price of 14 900 rub.

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