New super-telephoto HD zoom lens PENTAX-D FA 150-450mm F4.5-5.6ED DC AW

Ricoh Imaging is pleased to announce the PENTAX-D FA 150-450mm, a lens designed for Pentax digital SLR cameras with the K lens mount. Focal length range selected as the most sought after by photographers who want a reliable, robust, rugged lens that delivers sharp, true-to-color images of wildlife, cars, motor vehicles and other subjects that are far away. Low and ultra-low dispersion elements correct chromatic aberrations, and the latest HD Coating delivers exceptionally sharp, high-contrast images even in low-light or backlit conditions. The AW marking in the lens name says that the lens is reliably protected against dust and moisture by a special seal.


Super telephoto lens

HD PENTAX-D FA 150-450mm covers the most popular photographers’ focal lengths. For APS-C cameras converted to 35mm film format, its coverage is 230mm to 690mm. The lens is designed to be versatile, lightweight and compact enough for long distance shooting: animals in their natural habitat, natural objects, sports, aviation and motorcycle events.

Superb image quality

With its sophisticated optical design, combining three ED ultra-low dispersion and one super-low dispersion element, the zoom lens effectively reduces spherical and chromatic aberration and captures sharp, high quality images with consistent color reproduction. MTF Modulation Transfer Function curve is programmed to produce high-resolution images with comparably better detail than its “classmates.

Lens optimized to cover the frame in 35mm film format. No compromises, no compromises, HD PENTAX-D FA 150-450mm brings you high-resolution sharpness not only in the center, but also at the edges of the frame. At the moment the lens can be used with digital SLR cameras Pentax, but in the future it can work with K-mount cameras with a larger sensor without additional modifications.

HD Coating

The lens is treated with multi-layer antireflection coating and has a special HD Coating – now common on Pentax premium lenses. The D810’s high light transmission ensures higher light transmission to deliver crisp, high-contrast images without reflections or ghost images, even in low light or backlit conditions.

Dust-proof rugged housing design

Designed with challenging weather conditions in mind, the HD PENTAX-D FA 150-450mm lens body is equipped with 21 special seals to protect the lens from dust, moisture and contaminants. Works with a dustproof Pentax DSLR camera to deliver a reliable shooting kit that can withstand rain, fog, splashing water and fog.

The latest three-position switching focus system

The lens features Pentax’s latest innovation, the unique Quick-Shift system that lets the user instantly switch from autofocus to manual mode when the subject is “in focus.

To optimize this process a three-position switching system is installed for the first time. It allows quick mode changes: QFS/A, QFS/M and MF. QFS/A priority AF mode lets the user switch to manual mode only when autofocus is complete – the target is “in focus.

Manual focus priority mode which makes it possible to focus even when autofocus is active. MF mode lets you instantly switch to manual mode by simply sliding the lens focus ring. The three-position switching focus system allows the user to focus more precisely on the subject, shooting faster and more efficiently.

Photo lenses

Four buttons to switch AF mode

For ease of use and faster switching between modes, especially considering whether the lens is oriented horizontally or vertically, it has four AF buttons positioned every 90 degrees on the circumference of the lens.

The user can independently assign preference settings for all four buttons, for example, in pre-focus mode to move the focus point to the desired location in the frame, instantly focusing on that point, or during continuous autofocus to cancel auto mode and force focus on the desired object.

More features

Quiet, smooth autofocus operation using a DC motor built into the lens

Rounded aperture blades to create naturally beautiful bokeh

Ability to limit autofocus to one of three zones full stroke, 2 to 6m, 6m∞

SP – Super Protect nanocoating – to protect the front lens from sand, moisture and smudges

The ability to lock the lens to prevent independent movement of the lens optical unit under its own weight

Removable lens mount for easy lens fixation on a tripod with a new anti-fall mechanism.

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