Review of the compact digital camera Pentax X-5

The remarkable appearance of an ultrasonic Pentax contrasts with the technical features of the novelty. Designers styled the camera like a powerful branded DSLR, and in terms of features and functionality model is more democratic than cool. However, the X-5 does have a few nice features.

16 megapixel 22.3-580 26x 3″ $320

For example, the device is powered by four regular “finger” batteries. It is not an innovative solution, but in today’s electronic devices such quality is rare, while among photographers is in demand. Set of high-capacity NiMH-batteries will increase battery life to about half a thousand frames, and lithium batteries will take even more without recharging or cell replacement. And when you’re away from the power grid, the batteries are easy to replace with affordable, low-cost batteries enough for more than three hundred shots .

The optics are not impressive in magnification: after the 50x zoom of Canon SX50 IS and the 42x zoom of Nikon P510, the 26x zoom of X-5 seems quite ordinary. But 22.3 mm at a wide angle promises interesting opportunities in the transfer of wide spaces and landscapes. 16-megapixel sensor has high sensitivity and provides modern speed capabilities: 10 fps continuous shooting and Full HD video recording at 30 fps. Seasoned photographers will also love the manual controls and handy flip-down display. For beginners, it offers smart automation, a dozen effective filters, automatic panorama creation and a built-in image editor.

Demanding amateur photographers looking for advanced technical solutions, the novelty Pentax most likely will not suit: there are more capable and powerful devices on the market. But the X-5, though not an outstanding, but still good and modern camera, attracts with an affordable and fair price. The camera will also be of interest to travelers – both its ability to handle a wide variety of scenes and situations, and its ability to work exceptionally long away from the power grid.

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