Polaris PIR 2469K and PIR 2465AK irons have nimble spouts for hard-to-reach folds



one of the largest suppliers of small home appliances in America presents irons

PIR 2469K


PIR 2465AK

. The new models feature the Crystal Ceramic soleplate and a distinctive pointed spout. This allows the appliance to glide over the fabric without damaging it and gently removes creases. “Sleek” irons easily iron “hard to reach” areas around buttons, shirt cuffs, pockets, lace. Unique ceramic soleplate of Polaris irons will cope with any “hard to reach” creases.

Iron Polaris PIR 2465AK

In addition to improved gliding, embedded crystals in the ceramic soleplate[1] provide non-stick and scratch resistance. With 2400 watts of power the working surface of the irons heats up quickly. For smoothing whimsical wrinkles the devices feature a steam stroke mode. You can adjust the intensity of the flow depending on the type of fabric, or completely turn off the steam. The spritz function is optimal for delicate materials lace, silk, satin . Vertical Steam mode is suitable for removal of creases from curtains and drapes.

Models have a larger internal liquid tank of 350 ml. That will let you distract yourself from the ironing process less often to refill the water. When using the low temperature modes, anti-drip system prevents moisture from dripping onto the clothes. Limescale protection means you don’t have to clean it anymore.

The irons are equipped with automatic shutdown system which activates after 30 seconds horizontally and 8 minutes vertically.

The PIR 2465AK is available in the colors blue or violet. Recommended retail price – 1590 Dollars.

PIR 2469K iron is available in pink or blue. Recommended retail price 1290 rbl.

Polaris PIR 2469K

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