Review of the VITEK VT-1252 steam iron: battle for the folds!

The key feature of the VT-1252 is its high power output of 2,700 watts. Reaches the set temperature in seconds. Another plus is a powerful 170 g/min steam blow, which allows you to iron even the driest and densest fabrics. Powerful steam helps you to arrange things in a vertical steaming mode.

Hardware for the home

Steam Iron VITEK VT-125



POWER: 2,7 kW.

FUNCTIONS: dry ironing, steaming, constant steam, steam shock 170 g min, spray, vertical steaming, anti-drip system, limescale protection, self-cleaning, automatic shutdown.

soleplate: Mira Dize anodised.

CONTROL: thermostat, steam adjustment, operation indication, steam button, spray button.

CONSTRUCTION: electronic temperature sensor, 380 ml water tank, swivel cord, flat heel, 3 m cord.


PRICE: 2270 Dollars.


VT-1252 key feature is high power, 2 700 watts. Reaches the set temperature within blink of an eye. Another plus is the powerful 170 g/min steam stroke, which allows you to iron even the driest and densest fabrics. Powerful steam helps you take care of things in the vertical steam mode. And to ensure the function, there is a large 380 ml water tank for long hours ironing without refilling water.

Using the traditional circular knob to select the operating mode, and a built-in electronic probe to keep the soleplate at the exact temperature you want during ironing.

The length of the cord has an impact on the convenience of using the iron, in this model, it is the whole 3 meters.


Iron features new Mira Dize anodized soleplate. Anodizing soleplate process is an electrolytic process of creating a protective layer on the metal surface. Aluminum turns into aluminum oxide. Oxide film increases hardness and fills in the irregularities of metal, making it smoother, thus reducing the coefficient of friction. Mira Dize soleplate as smooth as ceramic and as tough as stainless steel. It allows the iron to glide easily over the fabric. Comfortable ironing is further aided by 439 steam holes in the soleplate for maximum steam extraction and a steam cushion when ironing.


Dual Limescale Protection System. Built-in filter is complemented by a removable ion-exchange resin cartridge, which cleans the water before steam is formed, ensuring a steady steam output without limescale elements when ironing in steam mode. The cartridge should be periodically cleaned in a common solution of table salt.

Power and strong steam, long cord.

The power of the iron is comparable to the power of the oven, for some apartments is a bit much.

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