Overview of the Thomas Vestfalia XT Rainbow Cleaner


3D cleaning of the entire volume of the room, compact, ergonomic design, upgraded water filtration system Aqua-Box, easy cleaning, long reach, wide turbo brush, long slotted nozzle, two nozzle storage on the body of the vacuum, better wheels, washable EPA-filter, clear instructions.

Vacuum Cleaners

Power control on the cabinet, not on the handle.

Thomas Vestfalia XT premium-quality vacuum cleaner with water filtration


POWER: maximum 1700 Watt.

FILTERING: in dry cleaning: multi-stage water filtration in Aqua-Box system, washable EPA filter, micro filter for blown air.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: Three-stage power control with memory function for last setting and large, rubberized, waterproof, large control buttons on the hood.

CONSTRUCTION: special pressure pump, removable external tank 1.7 l for detergent solution, front wheels adapted to overcome obstacles, large-diameter rear wheels with rubber rims, auto winding cord, cord length 8 m, stainless steel telescopic tube, range 12 m, two parking positions, holders for 2 attachments on the body, bumper to protect furniture, free rotation of the hose 360 degrees,

INGREDIENTS: interchangeable brush head for dry cleaning of hard surfaces and carpets, wide turbo brush, nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture, increased length of the crevice nozzle 360 mm , wet spray nozzle with integrated interchangeable adapter for carpet and hard surfaces, wet spray nozzle for soft furniture, Thomas Pro Tex carpet and floor cleaning concentrate, original storage bag for cleaning attachments.

COLOR: smoky/anthracite.

DIMENSIONS: 486h318h306 mm.

WEIGHT: 8kg without accessories .

WARRANTY: 2 years.


PRICE: 17 990 Dollars.


The model belongs to the new generation of Thomas XT vacuum cleaners, in the creation of which Thomas engineers have solved several problems. Thomas’s famous aqua-filter used to have no lid, and cleaning it was not as easy and hygienic as we would have liked. The new and improved design of the aquafilter is called Aqua-Box. In it, the air stream is first watered by jets of water, passing through a water wall formed by four counter jets, and then through a series of more purification stages. In the water wall wetting of every dust particle and hair, they become heavy and stick to other particles of debris. The air with this suspension then enters a “mist” of water droplets, where the dust particles are spinning in the airy micro-cyclones. Dust particles don’t have time to be carried away by the airflow and accumulate on the wet walls of the Aqua-Box, then flow down into the water with the water droplets. The Aqua-Box is easy to clean after use: just pour clean water into it, shake it several times and pour it out. Aqua-Box has been reduced in size, making the cleaner more compact.

Large number of nozzles and attachments included. The model can pick up spills. Patented Aqua-Box water filtration system delivers consistent suction power throughout the cleaning cycle, greatly improving quality, saving time and effort. Vacuum cleaner provides high-quality dry and wet cleaning, wash perfectly the floor linoleum, tile only clean water, clean the pile of the carpet to the bottom, and most importantly – provides volumetric cleaning of the premises: cleans not only the surface, but also the air.

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