Overview of the Electrolux UltraSilencer USDELUXE

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

Low noise level, power control on the handle, maneuverability, hygienic.


Need to buy a dust bag.

Electrolux UltraSilencer USDELUXEELECTROLUX review

Electrolux UltraSilencer USDELUXE vacuum cleaner with dust bag for dry vacuuming


POWER: max. 1800 watts, suction power – max. 340 AEROPW.

FILTERING: s-bag classic long performance dust bag with HEPA 13 washable filter.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: Power control on the handle, LCD display, contamination indicator of the filter, electronic indicator of the filling of the dustbag, auto winding of the cord.

CONSTRUCTION: telescopic tube of aluminum, dust bag capacity of 3.5 liters, cord length 9 m, 12 m range, soft wheels, vertical and horizontal parking. Body slots for upright tube attachment and accessory storage.

COMPLETE: universal floor/mopper nozzle with reduced noise level, 3-in-1 nozzle, parquet nozzle.

COLOR: metallic blue.

DIMENSIONS: 302h408h266 mm. WEIGHT: 8.41 kg.




When developing the UltraSilencer series, the main goal of our engineers was to create the quietest vacuum cleaner in the history of Electrolux, which has excellent cleaning performance. The result – several patented technical solutions, including Silent Air Technology, responsible for optimizing the direction of airflow inside the vacuum cleaner. AeroPro Silent brush, as well as a design solution for the holder of the dust canister and the filter frame of the electric motor contribute to the quiet operation. The quiet soft wheels and the hose, which does not create additional whirls, also play an important role in reducing noise levels.

Thus, in vacuum cleaners UltraSilencer this index is reduced to 61-65 dB, which corresponds to the parameters of an ordinary quiet conversation. During cleaning you can not stop talking, watching TV and listening to music, and most importantly – can be used for cleaning when the kids are asleep: the quiet vacuum cleaner will not disturb their sleep. It is hygienic, the HEPA 13 filter traps microscopic particles of dust, and the s-bag classic long performance dust bag has a long life and does not compromise suction power until it is completely filled.


: 8990 Dollars.

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