New UltraSilencer – Electrolux’s quietest vacuum cleaner ever

Thanks to patented innovations it combines the best cleaning performance with a noise level as low as 61 decibels. That is, it works more quietly than people talk, quietly talking to each other. The UltraSilencer vacuum cleaner so you can vacuum while your kids sleep.

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In a city apartment, extra noise can be a problem for residents and their neighbors. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, cleaning time often comes later in the day or on weekends, when we are looking for some peace and quiet.

The sound of a vacuum cleaner is not just uncomfortable – it can be frightening for children and pets 90% of consumers would like a quieter vacuum cleaner, according to polls . Often babies are afraid of loud noises and they think a vacuum cleaner is a threat, which negatively affects the emotional state of the child. You have to put it off.

UltraSilencer removes the restrictions and allows you to do the cleaning whenever it is convenient for you: whether you’re on the phone, listening to your favorite music or your kids are playing their own games or watching cartoons. It is the solution that can radically change your attitude to cleaning, to form a new standard of living.

61dB is so quiet you won’t even notice it’s on. So remember to turn it off after you’ve finished cleaning!:

The leader in low noise Electrolux vacuum cleaners

Electrolux has been at the forefront of low-noise vacuum cleaners since it introduced the first generation UltraSilencer in 2002. The new generation of silent vacuum cleaners has an exceptionally low noise range of 61 to 65 decibels depending on appliance power – not much louder than a normal human conversation.

Electrolux engineers did a lot of work on the sound quality and comfort of this vacuum cleaner, based on feedback from focus groups.

For several years Electrolux has been researching and experimenting, which has led to several patented solutions. Silent Air Technology optimizes airflow, which in turn leads to both improved vacuuming efficiency and lower noise emissions.

The big innovation of the redesigned UltraSilencer is the super-silent nozzle, designed to minimize noise emission and achieve superior cleaning results on all surfaces. No less important for further reducing the noise level of the vacuum cleaner is the Sound Shield, a new design for the dust canister holder and the electromotor filter frame.

Outstanding dust collection performance

The noise level of the vacuum cleaner was reduced without any degradation of its technical characteristics. UltraSilencer vacuum cleaners with high dust collection rates. The wind turbine is equipped with a HEPA13 particulate filter. This filter cleans the air coming out of the vacuum up to 99.95%. Another important parameter, air-tightness, influences the filtration quality of the entire vacuum cleaner system.

The UltraSilencer’s enclosure is sealed, to prevent dust being blown back into the air as you clean. UltraSilencer vacuum has a residual particle content of 0 micro-dust particles in the filtered air after vacuuming.002mg/m3, which is 75 times cleaner than kids’ dust norms.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner has a good maneuverability, which makes it extremely convenient to use. The UltraSilencer is equipped with comfortably placed push buttons, telescopic tube and padded wheels. The cord is 9 meters long and has a range of up to 12 meters.

New UltraSilencer vacuum cleaner goes on sale in May 2013. Recommended retail price from 8990 Dollars.

61 decibels dB … how quiet is that?

Noise level in the library 40 dB

Normal conversation volume is 60-70 dB

The volume of the average vacuum cleaner is 78 dB

City traffic noise level 80 dB

Chainsaw running at 100 dB

Airplane takeoff sound volume 130 dB

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Home Appliances

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming


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