Oursson DH0620D dehydrator test #2: for health and diet

My daughter regularly complains about the quality of food in the school cafeteria and categorically refuses to go there. In the buffet there is also no desirable variety, the maximum that you can buy there is a very suspicious-looking pizza. So it turns out that from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.00 child eats only what he takes from home. There are a lot of difficulties here, too: “I won’t take a sandwich, it’s greasy, it gets dirty…, the buns are caloric, the fruit makes my hands dirty and there’s no place to put the peelings…”, etc.d. So, the problem is


Recently my daughter has become interested in “fashionable” food for girls who look after themselves: muesli and granola are useful, tasty and… stylish, if one can say that about food. Therefore, the recipes of “Healthy” table to the dehydrator interested both her and me. And in the book, which comes with the device, there are a lot of such recipes: just my eyes diverge.

First of all, a variety of bars: “Peanut”, “Oatmeal”, “Carrot”, with bran, “Pistachio”, “Energy”. In addition, with the dehydrator you can sprout oats or wheat. Of course, you can not take sprouted cereals to school, but such a vitamin dressing comes in handy at home, especially in early spring, when there is a lack of vitamins.

But for now, let’s start making granola bars.

I chose the “Energy” recipe.

Needed: 200 g dried apricots, 200 g raisins, 200 g dates,

50 g peeled pumpkin seeds, 50 g peeled sunflower seeds, 50 g flax seeds, 100 g maple syrup,

250 grams of sesame seeds for sprinkles.

Food processing


Processing foods

I have to tell you right away, I couldn’t find any flax seeds, so I used twice as many half-salted seeds. I had maple syrup, but next time I will replace it with rosehip syrup: maple syrup is too sweet.

So, through the meat grinder with the coarsest grinder passed dried apricots, raisins and dates.

I added maple syrup, all the seeds and mixed the mass gently.

Now the most “sticky” part: I formed the bars with my hands. The instructions specify that they should be 15. I was not counting, I tried to make them more or less equal, not very big, so that it was convenient to take and bite.

Then I poured sesame seeds on a plate and rolled the bars in it.

I lined the bottom of the tray with parchment for a snug fit, I carved a circle in the center of the sheet. So I put out the bars.

Dryers for food

The total time for preparation – 15 – 20 minutes including taking pips out of dates and washing the grinder

Then everything is simple – I put the tray on the dehydrator body, closed the lid tightly, checked that the space near the fan grid on the back of the body was free.

Temperature 45⁰ C, time – 24 hours.

About once every 8 hours I opened the lid, peeled the bars from the parchment, and flipped them to the other side.

After 24 hours, the dehydrator automatically turns off.

The bars “overnighted” on the tray and went to the table in the morning. They were a success: my daughter took some to school and gave them to her friends. Admittedly, we ourselves have fun making tea with this healthy and filling dessert at home.

Product dryers

Basically, you don’t have to follow the recipe meticulously: it’s more of an excuse for creativity. I realized that I would reduce the amount of raisins, add some prunes and maybe chop up with the dried fruit and 50 grams of hazelnuts.

All in all, a healthy “snack” is easy, if you have a dehydrator.

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