Oursson DH0620D dehydrator test: let’s indulge in some tasty treats?

It would seem that the dehydrator in simple terms, the dryer in November should already be lying on the entresol and wait for the summer coming. But this is outdated and fundamentally wrong view of the possibilities of this kind of technology. Modern dryers, or rather dehydrators, are out-of-season appliances that can cook a variety of goodies year-round. And it’s not just banal dried vegetables or fruit, the dehydrator can dry meat and fish, make delicious natural desserts, sour milk products, concentrates, and even hot actual healthy meals, without which no beauty who cares about her weight can do.

Food Processing

Meet the dehydrator

Oursson DH0620D

, The maidenly food dehydrator

Main Features

POWER: 550 Watt.

OPERATION MODES: temperature from 35°C to 70°C in 1°C steps , time from 1 to 99 hours in 1 hour steps , automatic shut off.

CONTROL: ON-OFF pushbutton. Time setting regulator, temperature setting regulator.

FEATURES: operating temperature – from +5⁰ C to +35⁰ C, storage temperature – from -25⁰ C to +35⁰ C, humidity requirements 15-75%.

6 trays with inserts for drying finely sliced vegetables and fruits, cover, 4 plastic forms with lids for milk products.

COLOUR: apple green orange.

SIZE: 44,1 x 28,1 x 31,7 cm.

WEIGHT: 5,7 kg.

Price : 5990 Dollars.



Let’s take Oursson DH0620D out of the box and take a closer look at it.

The dehydrator consists of a rectangular housing with a control panel on the front, drying trays, and a lid with a ventilation grille.

The main secret and the guarantee of the excellent performance is the presence of the fan, which is hidden inside the casing. Thanks to it, the air heated to the set temperature spreads over the entire area of the trays, and not just rises up, obeying the convection.

In addition, the air enters the dehumidifier through a filter that retains all dust. And already cleaned and heated to a predetermined temperature the air is distributed over the entire area of the trays.

A total of 6 drying trays in the set. Total square footage 1.2 m2.

The size of each tray – 43×28 cm.

Product processing

The container

4 trays are 3 cm high, 2 trays are 4.6 cm high.

During operation, you can set one tray, two or any number, depending on how much food you cook.

There are 4 plastic containers with lids for making all kinds of dairy delicacies.

Each tray is equipped with a grid, which can be used when drying finely chopped fruit or vegetables.


Container and liner

Nothing is superfluous on the control panel. Everything is clear and concise: The power button and two regulators with display screens. Left side: clock with countdown display for 99 hours and temperature regulator on the right side 35⁰ to 70⁰C . The screen shows the selected temperature value. The appliance switches off automatically when it is switched off, no acoustic signal.


The dehydrator can be placed on the countertop in the kitchen, it is quite compact and “grows” in height. The manufacturer recommends leaving 2 to 3 cm of free space around the device to ensure free circulation of air.

You only need extra space for the containers if you don’t use them at the moment. They can be stowed away in a cupboard by stacking one on top of the other.

Please note that the dehydrator makes noise during operation. It’s not loud, like modern refrigerators are, but it’s solid. And since some cooking operations go on for several days – this can be a problem. I solved it this way: I placed the dehydrator on an insulated loggia connected to the kitchen. That way I have shielded myself and the household from unnecessary noise.

I accidentally discovered another advantage of the device: the fact that during the operation the walls of the dehydrator are heated, and through the holes in the lid of the warm air comes out. In winter the working device can perform two functions at the same time: to cook another masterpiece and at the same time to heat the air a little. In my case, it can, along with its main work, play the role of a small heater, protecting the flowers on the loggia from the frost penetrating through the metal window frames.


I decided to start with the simple and familiar: making homemade yogurt. The recipe book that comes with each dehydrator has several ways to make yogurt, as well as recipes for yogurt, jam, and sour milk.

For the preparation I previously mixed in a bowl 500 ml of milk and 100 g of natural yogurt. At first glance, I thought the yogurt containers were very small and I wouldn’t be able to fit 600g of mixture in them. But in fact, everything fits easily and there is even a little space left over. t.e. The total weight can be up to 700 grams.

I put the containers in a deep tray, closed the lid. Temperature – 40°C, time – 8 hours.

Interestingly, the manufacturer even thought of the possibility of detaching the yogurt from the whey for those who like the densest product. For this purpose it is recommended to put the containers with their lids down into the tray with skirts after cooking, through the special spouts the whey will run out of them.


Yogurt in a container

The yogurt comes out thick and homogeneous. I did not pour out the whey, could not cool the product, just did not have time. All the containers were taken apart by my family and they were happy to have fresh yogurt for breakfast.

Product treatment

Yogurt is ready

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