Norwegian Nobo electric heaters – one of the most reliable and cost-effective

The convector principle of operation: the cold air which is in the bottom part of the premise, passing through a heating element, increases in volume and rushes up through exit grilles. Heating of rooms, not walls or windows, through controlled air movement. The additional heating effect is achieved by radiation of heat from the front surface of the panel. The combination of convection and radiation is a perfect heating model, the most comfortable for people.

Vikings warm the world



Nobo participates in a targeted energy saving program and has made every effort to optimize heater energy consumption.

Using Nobo convectors saves significant electricity consumption: The temperature sensor on the bottom of the convector panel sends the air temperature measurement signal to an electronic thermostat, which in turn turns the heating element on or off or enters standby mode.


Thanks to the built-in electronic thermostat the heater can control the air temperature with an accuracy of 0,1 ° C. Programmable thermostats allow you to preset operating modes for different times of the day.


Viking models have built-in protection against overheating and power surges.


All Nobo heaters are easy to attach to the wall. Heaters can also be installed on the floor by using special feet.

Thanks to a special built-in element, Nobo heaters do not burn the oxygen that we need for our health, so you will always have a healthy and restful sleep on cold nights.


Functional qualities and safety of convectors Nobo Viking C4F 10, we checked in practice: this model has been tested by specialists of the largest American laboratory



This test verifies that the measured output is what the manufacturer claims.

As the mains voltage can be unstable, we measured under voltage up to 185V, 220V normal, 230V European, and up to 242V over voltage.

The instantaneous power consumption was respectively 612 W/ 865 W/ 956 W/ 1043 W.

Claimed 1000 watts.

Deviation as low as 4.4%.


1. Instantaneous convector output deviation complies with GOST R 52161.2.30-2007.

2. The convector heats at higher 242V and lower 185V voltages with higher and lower outputs respectively.

3. This means that the convector will heat the room properly even if the mains voltage fluctuates.

Nobo Orion 700

Intelligent system Orion 700

Enables the twenty-four hour control of up to 100 temperature zones that are independent of one another by receiving a radio signal at 868 Hz to a special receiver integrated in the thermostat. The thermostat, in turn, can maintain the temperature at a predetermined level.

Can be controlled via GSM communication. located anywhere in the world, you can control the system and send commands by SMS-messages and your home will always be ready for your arrival.

Saves energy costs: by setting the night time economy temperature, the total cost can be cut by 15% and by programming the system to a certain temperature during the day and night, it is possible to cut heating costs by 25%.

The Orion control system is compatible with Viking C2N, C4N, B4N series heaters and other appliances.

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