Heaters for a chilly autumn: NOBO NFK 4W

Friday, +23 outside. But it’s cold at night, the daytime temperature will drop next week, and when they turn on the heating

– is not clear. While waiting for the second wave, the elderly are better off staying at the cottages so they don’t have to sit locked in four

the walls in a city apartment. And the fastest way to create a comfortable temperature is a productive and economical convector.

For example, such as

NOBO Nordic NFK 4W

NOBO Nordic NFK 4W convector


Installation in rooms with high humidity, temperature accuracy, long service life, immunity to voltage fluctuations.


Sophisticated system for remote control.

On Monday we told you about the convector

Ballu Evolution Transformer Series, Tuesday –

about the convector

Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi, on Wednesday – about Timberk Black Pearl Digital series: PF8 E, on Thursday – Noirot Spot E-5 Plus series

Which one do you like best??

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