Fujitsu fi-6400 makes cost-effective enterprise-class technology available to all

New York, February 17, 2015.Fujitsu’s fi scanner series has a very capable new product: the reasonably priced fi-6400 makes professional enterprise-class technology available to a new group of users. The scanner is equipped with all the features and software you need for production environments with medium workloads and is the ideal solution for centralized document scanning in small to medium-sized companies. Larger organizations can use the Fujitsu fi-6400 in their branch offices. Designed for centralized workflow and administration, the fi-6400 boasts high throughput of up to 100 sheets per minute A4, color, double-sided, 300 dpi and automatic document feeder with space for 500 sheets and support for oversized originals up to A3 . The new addition to the fi series can be seen at CeBIT 2015 Fujitsu Square, Hall 7, Stand A28 from March 16 to 20.

Computers and peripherals

New Fujitsu scanner for enterprise environments

  • Expansion of the line of fi-series scanners

  • Enterprise-class technology for small and mid-sized companies as well as large organizations

  • Built for centralized work with high performance requirements

  • Presented at CeBIT Fujitsu square, hall 7 stand A28

“There is a growing demand for low- and medium-capacity solutions in production environments,” says Mike Nelson, vice president of PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd., a subsidiary of Fujitsu. – The Fujitsu fi-6400 is our answer to this trend: it is an all-in-one solution that will suit large organizations, small and medium-sized businesses alike.

“These days, it’s not just large companies that need document management and professional scanning solutions,” adds Klaus Schulz, marketing manager for PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd. EMEA. – With the new Fujitsu fi-6400 scanner, we offer small and medium-sized companies enterprise-class technology at an affordable price.”.

Scanning of different types of documents

The fi-6400 scanner is a versatile, high volume scanning solution that provides the ability to process incoming documents and turn paper documents into useful electronic data to improve business process management and automation. The scanner is capable of digitizing a wide variety of document types, from very thin receipts to documents on heavy paper 20-209 g/m2, and supports original sizes from A7 to A3. Built-in paper protection feature reduces risk of document damage even at high scanning speeds. Fi-6400 has a scan standby time of less than 15 seconds, which also contributes to increased productivity.

Maximum performance for information workers

The scanner is ergonomically designed with a front-loading paper feed mechanism and compact, low-height design for easy paper loading and removal of scanned documents. With professional imaging hardware and software, this total document scanning solution guarantees the highest quality scans. This, in turn, leads to fewer errors, more efficient processing and character recognition, saving time and simplifying work, which increases the overall productivity of operators and information workers.

Seamless integration

The fi-6400 scanner is easy to integrate with other Fujitsu scanners in the

fi in existing environments to maintain the same operating principles. It comes with a full suite of software: PaperStream IP for image processing and enhancement, PaperStream Capture for streamlined scanning, and Scanner Central Admin for efficient management of multiple scanners. Uniform interfaces and consumables across models reduces maintenance costs.

The scanner will be available from Fujitsu partners starting in March 2015. Recommended retail price is $11,395 $7,998 &euro, 6495 &pound , excluding VAT.

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