New word in professional mirrorless photography: Canon launches EOS R5 revolutionary 8K movie camera

Canon has announced the development of the EOS R5, a full-frame mirrorless camera as part of its revolutionary EOS R system. Developed in response to user feedback and market demand, the EOS R5 will offer unprecedented speed and resolution, 8K video recording and unique image stabilisation. New model helps photographers and videographers push the boundaries of creativity and shoot better than ever before.


Highest shooting speed and quality

Reaffirming Canon’s commitment to developing the EOS R system and creating innovative products for photographers and videographers, the EOS R5 will offer a new level of performance, including an incredible 12fps continuous shooting speed with mechanical shutter and 20fps in electronic shutter mode. This combination of speed and resolution set new standards, making the mirrorless camera ideal for any photographer, whether shooting weddings or wildlife.

Adding to the list of benefits of the new EOS R family is Canon’s outstanding image stabilisation and superior lens-to-camera electronic communications technology. The EOS R5 will incorporate the most advanced technologies designed to take the R-Series to the next level. These include Canon’s new in-camera image stabilization system, which, when combined with the lens stabilization system, will reliably compensate for camera shake when shooting stills and video in any situation.

Video that never gets old

The EOS R5 is ideal for those who want to take outstanding photos and movies. We’ve accepted the growing demand for high-quality, high-definition movies of all genres, and the new EOS R5 will capture cinema-quality movies at 8K resolution. Offering four times the resolution of the current industry standard 4K, the new camera will record 8K video in widescreen format, and frame it to 4K if necessary.

Says Richard Shepherd, senior manager of professional product marketing: “We are confident that the EOS R5 will revolutionize the global mirrorless camera market, and we look forward to seeing this great new device in the hands of photographers and filmmakers.

This camera reflects our commitment to growing the mirrorless camera segment and meeting the demand for photos and videos that won’t become obsolete in the coming years. The innovative EOS R system first hit the market in September 2018 with several usa lenses and the EOS R camera, followed by new usa lenses, EOS RP and EOS Ra cameras. The EOS R5 will be Canon’s new flagship mirrorless camera, for exceptional still and video quality.

Quick data sharing on the move

Because the delivery of finished photos and videos is just as critical as the quality of the footage, the EOS R5 will support the automatic transfer of files from the device to a cloud-based image So you can easily playback your footage on other devices, even when you’re on the move. What’s more, for added convenience, the EOS R5 will have two memory card slots.

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