Mini review of Candy washing machine EVO44 1283

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MIX PowerSystem, short wash 14 min.

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The machine is not very suitable for installation under the countertop.


Front narrow washing machine Candy EVO44 1283


LOADING: 8 kg.

WASHING: class A.

PROGRAMS: MIX PowerSystem 20°C/40°C/60°C, 59 min. . at 40°C , cotton + pre-wash, cotton, mixed fabrics/synthetics, delicates, hand wash, fast 14/30/44.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Pre-iron, Anti-Stain, Easy Iron, Aqua+ extra rinse , 24H timer.

RPM: V, 1200 rpm.

ECONOMY: class A++ A-20% , power consumption 0.9 kWh, water 55 L cotton 60 ° C , annual power consumption 180 kWh per 1 kg of laundry 0.09 kWh, 6.9 L.

CONTROL: electronic, LCD-display 5 “program controller, buttons to select temperature, spin speed, options, timer indication of timer settings, time to complete the wash, options enabled.

AUTOMATICS: loading optimization KG Detector , foam level monitoring, imbalance control.

SAFETY: housing leakage protection, childproof.

CONSTRUCTION: Mix Power system, Shiatsu drum, Silitech tank, inclined control panel, diameter of the hatch 35 cm, opening 180 °, noise level 58dB.

SIZES: 600x440x850mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

PRICE: 18 990 Dollars.


Narrow washing machine with a depth of only 44 cm and a load of 8 kg, typical of a number of full-sized machines.

The Mix PowerSystem mixes water and detergent in a separate tank to form a concentrated solution. This mixture is applied under high pressure directly to the cloths, penetrating deep into the fabric fibers. Technology improves the effectiveness of the detergent, so we managed to reduce the temperature of washing: now at 20 ° C you can get the same result as at 40 ° C, and at 40 ° C – as at 60 ° C, and finally at 60 ° C to wash the most persistent dirt. The PowerSystem Mix gives you the freedom to treat your clothes with care, keeping their color for longer. For people with sensitive skin, there is the Aqua function+. The machine performs five rinses with more water when the function is activated. Thus, the detergent is completely removed from things and will no longer irritate the skin of babies and allergic people.


The Mix PowerSystem programme is particularly recommended for laundry that is soiled to high temperatures. You can also use the program for mixed loads. It allows you to wash not only cotton, linen and synthetics, but also whites and coloreds at the same time. The program has three temperature settings.

Two programmes are available for cotton. One of them comes with a pre-set prewash cycle, which helps remove serious dirt, such as after a soccer practice. Stain control is possible with a special Anti-Stain function which creates the ideal conditions for removing stains with powder enzymes at the start of the wash.

There are three 14, 30 and 44 minute short-cycle options to take care of lightly worn items, as well as the new Quick wash in 59 minutes program using the Mix PowerSystem.


Information on the large display is shown in clear characters. The program is selected with a rotary knob and the remaining settings are made with the buttons.

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