Mini review of the Atlant 70C1010 washing machine

Washing Machines

A large set of programs, technical features, a large warranty.


No leakage protection.


Atlant 70C1010 washing machine with front maximum dry loading up to 7 kg


LOADING: 7 kg.

WASHING: class A.

PROGRAMS: Cotton, Synthetics, Mixed, Wool, Silk, Hand wash, Super Quick 15 Min, Kids Clothes, Shirts, Jeans, Sport Shoes, Dark Clothes, Outerwear.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: soaking, pre-wash, intensive, night, eco, easy ironing, extra rinse, stop with water in the tank, 24 hour timer.

RPM: C, 1000 rpm.

ECONOMICITY: class A++ A-20% , the consumption of electricity 1.33 kWh, 55 liters of water cotton 60 ° C per kg of laundry: 0.19 kWh and 7.86 liters.

OPERATION: program selector, LED display, temperature selection buttons, spin speed, options and timer buttons, indication of program step, timer settings, time to finish washing, options on.

AUTOMATICS: loading optimisation, foam level control, unbalance.

SAFETY: AQUA-Protect on hoses, overvoltage protection, childproofing.

CONSTRUCTION: polypropylene tank, 52.5 l drum, wash/wash sound level 59/73 dB, 150° hatch opening, tilting control panel.

DIMENSIONS: 596x482x846 mm.

WEIGHT: 63 Kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

PRICE: 11 800 Dollars.


Model of the SmartAction series, which combines a number of technical solutions with a modern technological design. These solutions include Safeguard NI+CR heating element. Made of high quality stainless steel and specially coated for more reliability, durability and limescale protection. EcoBall technology with ball valve designed to fully utilise detergent when washing. When filling the tank with water the locking valve prevents the undissolved detergent from getting into the drain. The ElasticHygiene door seal is antibacterial treated to prevent mildew, making it more hygienic for your clothes. ArcGlass central molding is designed for even distribution of laundry in the drum, which provides not only a gentle washing, but also less power consumption.

The manufacturer gives an extended warranty of three years for the appliance as a whole and 5 years for the motor.


The washing machine is equipped with a number of special programs that take into account the peculiarities of things.

Baby washing program helps to wash clothes, diapers, bibs thoroughly, despite the fact that their dirt is usually very persistent. Powerful rinse-aid technology removes detergent without leaving any residue.

The Shirts programme not only washes cuffs and collars, it makes ironing easier. The program uses slightly more water for washing and a more gentle spin is set.

The outerwear program is a cycle for jackets, coats and jackets that can be washed in the machine. Things retain their shape while washing.


Large knob to select the program. The settings are made by buttons. Selected parameters are indicated on the display with a blue backlight. Eco indicator lights up when program settings help to save resources. The timer allows you to postpone the start of the program. Its indicator shows the time to start, and in the course of the washing – to the end of the process.

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