Review of the Candy GrandO’Vita GVW45 385TS-07 washing machine

This washer-dryer is first of all interesting due to its dimensions its depth is only 45 cm. It can load up to 8 kg of laundry when washing, and up to 5 kg of laundry when drying. The door opens up to 180°, the diameter of the door is large enough to allow easy folding and removing the laundry.

Washing and drying machines

Washing and drying machine Candy GrandO’Vita GVW45 385TS-07


DIMENSIONS: 85x60x45 cm.

WEIGHT: 65,5 kg.

LOADING: Washing: 8 kg, Drying: 5 kg.

PROGRAMS: Washing Class A, 16 – Fast 14/30/44 min., White Cotton/Duty Cloth, Blended/Synthetic, Children’s Clothes, Rinse, Drain+Spin, Manual, Delicate, Wool, EcoMix 20°, Cotton, Quick wash+Dry 59 min.

DOP. MODES: soiling control, hygiene+night washing, extra rinse, choice of drying, adding laundry after the wash.

RPM: spin class B 1300 rpm spin speed regulation.

DRYING: automatic – for ironing, completely dry, into the closet. Low temperature drying programs, high temperature drying, timed drying.

CONTROL: electronic interface Touch, indication of power on, program end time, delayed start, spin speed selection.

TECHNOLOGIES: overfill protection, foam control, unbalance control, automatic load detection.

CONSTRUCTION: Stainless steel Shiatsu drum, electronically controlled brush motor, 35cm diameter door, 180° door opening angle.

Energy class: energy efficiency B, power consumption 60°, full load 1.36 kW cycle, water consumption – 55 liters cycle washing + drying – 6.45 kW cycle, water consumption – 120 liters.

WARRANTY: 1 year.



This washer-dryer is interesting, first of all, because of its dimensions, its depth is only 45 cm. Washing load up to 8 kg and drying load up to 5 kg. The hatch opens through 180°, the door diameter is large enough to allow easy laundry folding and removing.

A big load guarantees not only the convenience of a large wash, but also is a definite guarantee of thorough washing of a small volume of laundry, in addition, it is practically not wrinkled, which facilitates further ironing.

The range of programs is also interesting. When it comes to laundry, it has three fast washes: from literally instant 14 minutes to freshen up a blouse once worn, to almost an hour to wash medium soiled items.

Also for urgent cases there is a program of fast washing + drying which allows to get clean and dry clothes in one hour.

It has the most frequently used washing modes for different fabrics and a Baby mode which will definitely be useful for families with small children.

When it comes to drying, you also have a choice. You can use one of the automatic programs, or you can set the drying by time or air temperature.

Another convenient mode, especially in small apartments – the night wash. In this case, the pre-presses in the middle of the washing cycle are performed at 500 rpm – almost silently, and the last spin is not activated. All you need to do in the morning is push a button – the drum will start spinning and in a few minutes the laundry will be ready to dry. Or you can simply drain the water without turning on the wringer.

Interesting set of programs, compact overall dimensions, large loading.

No special program for washing silk.

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