Review of the Candy Evogt 1407 4D upright washing machine


Large capacity, redesigned drum access system.


Not noted.

Vertical Loading Washing Machine Candy Evogt 1407 4D


LOADING: 7 kg.


PROGRAMS: Mix&Wash, cotton, cotton+prepar, mixed fabrics/synthetics, delicates, hand wash, fast 14/30/44.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Prewash, Anti-Stain, Easy Iron, Aqua+ extra rinse , 24 hour timer.

RPM: In, 1400 RPM.

ECONOMY: class A+ A-10% , electricity consumption 1.25 kWh, water consumption 48 L cotton 60 ° C , per kg of laundry: 0.19 kWh and 6.9 L.

CONTROL: LCD display, rotary programs knob, spin speed, temperature, spin speed, options, timer, indication of program progress.

AUTOMATICS: load optimization KG Detector , foam level control, imbalance.

SAFETY: spillage protection on the body, childproofing.

CONSTRUCTION: EvoDrum, Silitech tank, auto-parking drum Stop&Load, GentleTouchOpening hatch opening.

DIMENSIONS: 400x630x880 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

PRICE: 25 000 rub.


This large-capacity, vertical washer is just going on sale. New drum opening system GentleTouchOpening is used in the appliance. The door, control knob and automatic drum latch are made of soft, non-slip plastic: opening and closing the door, lowering your hands into the drum to take out the laundry has become more comfortable. The flaps open quickly and smoothly and the edges of the hatch are now completely safe. Stop&Load technology ensures that the drum stops only with the flaps facing upwards at the end of the wash.

The tank of the machine is made of silica-silicon-polymer material, its advantage is lower cost than steel. The material absorbs sounds and slows down the cooling of the water in the wash cycle. The EvoDrum, as usual, is made of stainless steel.


The machine is equipped with a small set of programs, among which the essential ones prevail. There are two modes for taking care of cotton and linen items: a basic mode and a mode for heavily soiled items with a pre-wash. Mix&Wash program is one of the interesting brand developments. It allows you to wash in one go white and colored items made of cotton, linen, blended fabrics and synthetics without the threat of shedding and with the efficiency of washing class A. A mixed load can also be used in the wash program for synthetics. When selecting the main programs, you can set the degree of contamination of things, depending on it the machine will shorten or lengthen the cycle.

The Delicates wash program is designed for delicate items, e.g. lingerie. Wool garments are washed in hand-wash mode.

The short programs are chosen for the care of unworn items, there are three types, the fastest program ends after 14 minutes.


Large LCD screen offers a bright, crisp image for easy monitoring. When choosing a program the display gives a hint on the maximum allowable load for that program. With the display, you can track the progress of the washing, program a delayed start for up to 24 hours and select special functions.

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