LG to showcase smart home concept at IFA 2013

LG Electronics LG will showcase its line of smart home appliances at IFA 2013. LG’s new home appliances offer increased efficiency and ease of use. By simply bringing your smartphone to the NFC tag on an LG smart device, you can easily register your refrigerator, washing machine, robotic vacuum cleaner, or oven to Smart Control, and then remotely control and monitor their status.


“At this year’s IFA, LG will showcase its most advanced smart home appliances with enhanced user experience,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance. – LG’s updated “smart” device technology provides the ability to control their appliances, regardless of a user’s location. It is possible to start evening washing just after leaving home from work, so the undried laundry will not stay in the washing machine all day long. You can also tell the robot vacuum cleaner to sweep the floor when guests arrive unannounced, or get a list of foods in the fridge that are about to expire. The ability to connect LG devices to each other provides a new level of convenience, as users can monitor their appliances from the TV while continuing to watch their favorite shows. It’s a smart home for those who want to uncompromisingly improve their lifestyle.”.

LG equips its smart appliances with two different but complementary sets of useful innovations. In the former, LG’s four key technologies – Inverter Linear Compressor, Inverter Direct Drive, LG KOMPRESSOR and Lightwave – give superior performance and economy, Whereas in the latter, LG’s smart functions – Smart Manager control of products in the refrigerator , Smart Diagnosis smart diagnostic system , Smart Access remote access , Smart Adapt device upgrading and Smart Grid Ready energy management – provide more convenient use of appliances.

Smart fridge for a revolutionary new approach to food storage

Based on LG’s outstanding Inverter Linear Compressor, LG’s Smart Refrigerator has all the “smart” technology. The first is Smart Manager, which turns your fridge into a complete food management system. Consumers can use the LCD panel or their smartphones to check the contents of their refrigerator without opening the door. And with the Freshness Tracker, users can enter names of foods and check expiration dates in the Smart Manager. In addition, Smart Manager recommends meals to prepare based on what ingredients are currently in the fridge.

Smart Access technology allows users, wherever they are, to check the status of their LG appliances using their smartphones. So, instead of making long shopping lists, LG Smart Refrigerator owners can simply call up a list of refrigerator contents directly from the supermarket to their iOS or Android smart phones through the LG Smart Refrigerator app.

Smart Shopping[1] is another new feature that allows you to order from an online grocery store directly from the refrigerator’s LCD panel. Products needed can be purchased automatically when the refrigerator runs out of stock or can be manually selected and ordered. Smart Shopping eliminates the need to go to the supermarket, saving time and gasoline on trips to the store, and is simply convenient in itself.

LG’s unique Health Manager feature recommends individual recipes, as well as daily and weekly meals, based on the user’s personal profile. The user’s age, gender, weight and height are entered into the database, along with additional information such as allergies, for example, to create a suitable personalized meal plan.

Significantly improved LG Smart Diagnosis technology allows LG smart appliances to better self-diagnose and inform the user. Through Wi-Fi, NFC technology and audible diagnostic alerts, the owner is immediately notified of minor problems, such as the ice maker turning off, which helps reduce helpdesk calls and costly house calls.

With Smart Grid Ready technology, LG’s smart refrigerator can automatically adjust its temperature and settings, for maximum energy savings. LG’s smart refrigerator also features Delay Defrost Capability, which can reduce the refrigerator’s power consumption at certain times of the day. Instead of simply displaying step-by-step instructions, LG’s smart refrigerator recommends recipes and demonstration videos to help prepare meals from ingredients already in the refrigerator.

Big appliances for the kitchen

“Smart washing machine with Smart Diagnosis and Wi-Fi/NFC tagging

“LG’s smart washing machine is equipped with Smart Diagnosis, Smart Access, Smart Adapt and Smart Grid Ready technologies. With Wi-Fi, NFC tags and audible alerts, LG Smart Diagnosis alerts users to technical problems, Smart Adapt lets you load wash modes like Baby Wear or Air-Refresh from your smartphone or directly from the washer’s LCD display. Users can monitor washer status and select options via their smartphone or LG Smart TV.

Smart Access allows owners to operate the washing machine regardless of distance. Users no longer have to worry about anything when they leave home with the washing machine on, as Smart Access gives them the ability to monitor its status wirelessly. Functions and settings can be adjusted remotely, and a pop-up message appears on your LG smartphone or smart TV when the washing or drying cycle is complete. Washing Coach recommends the amount of detergent for optimal results and notifies you when it’s time to clean the drum. Ideal for first-time users, One Touch Washing simplifies laundry organization by allowing you to select the type of laundry to be washed using a smartphone app. And with NFC tags, LG’s washing machine automatically selects the optimal washing mode and its settings.


“Smart oven for making delicious and healthy meals

LG’s smart oven features Smart Access, Smart Adapt and Smart Diagnosis technologies, opening up a new range of smarter cooking. With WiFi connectivity, home cooks can monitor the status of their oven, search for recipes and set cooking modes. But even without WiFi, NFC technology provides the ability to program the oven for a specific recipe, as well as diagnose a problem using a mobile device. What’s more, while in the normal cooking process you have to manually set the mode, temperature and cooking time, this process can now be simplified using a smartphone with the One Touch Cooking setting. Since many homes have separate kitchens, it can be difficult for users to know when their food is ready. But now they can get food-ready notifications right when they watch LG smart TV.

Home Appliances

Smart HOM-BOT: more than a vacuum cleaner

LG’s newest robot vacuum cleaner HOM-BOT SQUARE also has advanced smart technology. For example, the Smart Control function allows you to control the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere in the house using your smartphone. No more need to manually press the start button or waste time looking for a remote control.

The Cleaning History function makes it easy and straightforward to check the results of cleaning with the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE vacuum cleaner. With Map View, you can see where the vacuum cleaner has and hasn’t cleaned, saving you time in case you need to turn Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE back on. In addition, owners of this robotic vacuum cleaner can use their smartphones to easily set a cleaning schedule for fully automatic operation, as well as update the HOM-BOT SQUARE robotic vacuum cleaner software. Smart Diagnosis makes troubleshooting much easier, quickly alerting the user to any minor problem and suggesting solutions.

[1] Currently only available in Korea.

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