LG MH6043DAC microwave oven review

Microwave ovens

LG I-Wave technology, Eco, automatic programs.

Built-in microwave ovens

Not a very powerful grill.


VOLUME: 20 l, inner coating is easy-clean LGEasyClean.

FUNCTIONS: Microwave 700 W, Grill 600 W, Microwave+grill 1150 W, automatic defrosting, automatic cooking programs “American Cook”, “French Cook”, “Italian Cook”, “Asian Cook” 44 , quick start, timer 90 min.

CONTROL: touch screen, display, mode buttons, timer, more/min less, Eco.

FEATURES: LG I-Wave technology, Eco on, white “dancing flower” design.

ACCESSORIES: turntable, grid iron.

DIMENSIONS: 455x284x347mm. WEIGHT: 11,5 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year + 10 years warranty on LG EasyClean coating.


Microwave combination oven with grill.

The model is equipped with the automatic cooking programs “World Cuisines”. There are four groups, they combine recipes for American, French, Italian and Oriental cooking. To set the job, the user selects the recipe he likes and specifies the serving weight. The other settings will be enabled automatically. Offers a total of 44 programs.

The oven uses a quartz grill. Its feature is a higher temperature heating, through which baking and browning dishes is faster and more even. Combination mode allows to use microwave and grill at the same time. They will activate alternately for even cooking and roasting. LG I-Wave technology used in the device provides spiral distribution of the waves for deep penetration into the food. Oven cavity surfaces reflect waves at the same time. Both factors serve to evenly heat the entire volume, i.e. maintain the same temperature inside and around the edges of the dish.

Microwave energy is used in two defrosting modes. Automatic defrosting, a function in which the duration of the process and microwave power is automatically determined based on the weight of the food entered by the user. Quick defrost is oriented on another indicator – time, the other parameters are optimized according to the minutes specified by the user.

The Eco on function is designed to reduce energy consumption. Pressing the relevant button completely cuts the oven’s energy consumption, including the display.

Price: 4600 Dollars.

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