LG MB4042D microwave oven review

Built-in microwave ovens

I-wave technology, automatic, clean exterior.


Not very powerful grill.

LG MB4042D Microwave oven with grill

Microwave oven with grill


VOLUME: 20 liters, enamel-coated inside.

FUNCTIONS: Microwave 700 W, 5 power levels, quartz grill 600 W, 3 microwave+grill modes, defrost by weight, Rapid defrost, automatic programs Kitchen of the world 32 microwave and 44 grill : American, French, Italian, Eastern, Quick Start, timer, EcoOn low cost mode.

CONTROL: touch, 4-digit LED display, mode buttons, groups of automatic programs, more less buttons, 10 minute button., 1 min., 10 sec., child lock.

ACCESSORIES: Glass turntable 24,5 cm, grid iron.

SIZES: 455x252x320 mm.

WEIGHT: 10.5 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


The oven uses a new technology of radiation distribution I-wave. The waves spread out in a spiral pattern ensuring deeper penetration into the food and therefore the same temperature inside and around the edges. And thanks to the special design of the inner wall of the chamber, the microwaves are distributed more efficiently, filling the entire space of the chamber and ensuring uniform heating of food.

The model is equipped with a quartz grill. Three combined modes for different frying levels.

For cooking with automatics, there are 4 large sets of programs Kitchen of the World. First dish combines 14 dishes of American cuisine including borscht, rastegay, beef stroganoff. The second group is for easy mastering of the 10 French dishes, such as onion soup, julienne in buns, chicken legs with prunes. The next group of programs combines the Italian recipes, their 10, including the traditional pizza, spaghetti, bolognese and carbonara, lasagna. The 4th group includes oriental dishes there are 10 of them, too, such as dolma, kharcho, satsivi and shawarma.

The appliance has a set of programs for defrosting meals. Defrost by weight for 4 types of food: meat, poultry, fish, bread. The user specifies the weight of the food and the power level and cycle time are determined automatically by the appliance. When you don’t have time, you can use the quick defrost function, which is most suitable for minced meat, fish or chicken slices. In this mode the process operates at maximum available power for defrosting.

4490 Dollars

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