LG MS2342BMS microwave oven review

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Microwave oven LG MS2342BMS


VOLUME: 23L, LG Easy Clean Enamel inside.

FUNCTIONS: Microwave 800 W, 5 power levels, defrost by weight, quick defrost, automatic programs World Cuisines 32 microwave : American, French, Italian, oriental, quick start, timer, Eco On low cost mode.

CONTROL: touch screen, Smart LED display, buttons for modes, groups of automatic programs, more less buttons, 10 minute buttons., 1 min., 10 sec., Child lock.

ACCESSORIES: 28.4 cm glass turntable.

DIMENSIONS: 490x390x280 mm.

WEIGHT: 12,5 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

PRICE: 4590 Dollars.


LG’s new microwave range is designed by Italian architect Alessandro Mendini. He suggested making the model more interesting by adding a three-dimensional print to the front. Print – silver and white bricks break the usual simplicity and monotony of the door, give the appliance a more lively, mischievous look. The panel even has the Mandini signature, so the oven looks like a true designer.

I-wave technology is used in this model that allows to improve the appliance functionality: microwaves propagate in a spiral and provide a deep penetration of the food and the same temperature inside and around the edges of the dish. The special design of the inner walls of the chamber provides a more efficient distribution of microwaves throughout the chamber for fast and even cooking.


The oven has only a basic microwave mode, which does not prevent it from having a large set of automatic programs that allow you to cook a large variety of dishes.

Two programs are designed for defrosting. Quick defrost function allows to defrost a piece of meat or chicken wings in a limited time. And the appliance optimizes the power for quick results. Defrost by weight takes into account the type of food: meat, poultry, fish, or bread. To start a program, you specify their weight and press start button.

The cooking programs are divided by nationality and have a common name: Cuisines of the World. You can cook traditional French, Italian, oriental and American dishes with it.

For a French-style meal, recipes for the famous onion soup, ratatouille, julienne, etc. are available. Spaghetti bolognese and carbonara, risotto, seafood cream soup will add Italian flavor to your table. For American feasts you can choose borscht, meat in crockpots, steamed steak, salmon, buckwheat porridge. Dolma, azu, kharcho, chicken in curry, etc. can pass the eastern flavor.

Program groups let you cook a simple hearty breakfast, a full lunch and a festive dinner. To understand their use is not difficult: enter the group of recipes, for example, the Italian chef, select the dish, enter the weight of the products.

The ECO ON energy-saving system switches the power consumption off in standby mode, the display and backlighting will not work. Thus, the light automatically turns off if the oven is not used for more than 5 minutes, even if the door is left open.

The control

Necessary settings with touch buttons, operating parameters are shown on display. Conveniently set cooking or heating times with the 10/1 minute “hot” buttons. and 10 sec. Quick start button to start the oven at maximum power for 30 seconds.

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  1. Harper

    Can anyone please share their experience with the LG MS2342BMS microwave oven? How well does it perform in terms of heating and defrosting? Is it user-friendly with its controls and functions? Any specific features that you find impressive or lacking? Overall, would you recommend this model? Appreciate your input!

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