Kavity Elipse Pro 5 robot vacuum cleaner goes to work

Robot-vacuum cleaner Kavity Elipse Pro 5, which I used – a great modern and functional solution for cleaning. The main advantage of the device is the lack of human intervention and autonomy of its operation. The only thing I have to do is to charge it in time and clean the dust bag.

Vacuum cleaners

This is a smart vacuum cleaner

The smart Kavity Elipse Pro 5 is able to detect surface irregularities by itself, thanks to 6 built-in touch sensors around the appliance’s circumference. In contrast to other similar models I had the experience of using a variety of similar devices , which usually have no more than 2 sensors, vacuum cleaner work is fully optimized for cleaning different surface textures.

I especially liked the new V-spin technology, which is specially designed to clean surfaces as clean as possible.


The essence of the new V-spin technology

V-spin, a unique cleaning technology that has two cleaning brushes arranged at an angle of 400 to each other. They are capable of self-adjustment in height and easily rotate around their axis. Robot vacuum cleaner has a low noise level, so you can hear what is happening around you.

Vacuum cleaners

Easy control vacuum cleaner

Any family member and my family is proof of that , can easily control the vacuum cleaner Kavity Elipse Pro 5, thanks to the built-in docking station. Such a device allows you to set up an individual work schedule, which is very convenient for us. Cleaning can be done at a set time of day convenient days. When the device reaches the end of its charge level, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the battery charge base.

The built-in motion limiter, which is placed in the path of the device, spreads the ultrasonic waves. They inform the vacuum cleaner about the boundaries of the space beyond which it cannot move.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Health care

Vacuum cleaner Kavity Elipse Pro 5 will take care of your health, thanks to the built-in UV lamp. It allows the device to kill up to 99% of bacteria. The lamp is designed for 6,000 hours of use. Hours of operation, which will allow you to be protected for a long time. And for us it does not create any appearance of its presence in the device.

The height of the vacuum cleaner is only 8 cm. It allows the device to clean the entire perimeter, including hard-to-reach areas under furniture. Kavity Elipse Pro 5 is equipped with sensor-based motion control sensors that help the vacuum cleaner to orient itself in space and not to fall. The only drawback of a robot vacuum cleaner, in my opinion, can be called imperfect cleaning in the corners of the room because of the round shape. But it is quite a good device for cleaning for its money.

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