Fresh Express Cube multi slicer & Moulinex Stick DJ905 – dice and shred in seconds!

Seasonal products are an important part of a healthy diet. How to combine vegetables, fruit and berries in your diet in an original way? Moulinex’s new Fresh Express Cube & Stick electric multi-cutter offers an easy way to diversify your daily menu with bright ideas.


You are going on a picnic with your family or just having friends over? A Moulinex multi-cutter can do it all in seconds! A fruit selection of strawberry, banana and kiwi slices or delicious vegetable sticks will be a perfect snack for the summer lunch. And thanks to the dice plate, your favorite okroshka and vinaigrette will be ready as if by magic!

Fresh Express Cube & Stick is easy to use. The multi-cutter has a large filling opening, so it is not necessary to cut most of the products into slices. Put one of the five colorful slices, press the button and you get neat cubes, slices, shredded fruit or vegetables, large or small, in no time at all! Fresh Express Cube & Stick automatically adjusts speed depending on the cassette and works great with both hard, soft and boiled foods.

Moulinex’s unusual design makes it a real gem in your kitchen. And thanks to the ingenious cassette storage Fresh Express Cube & Stick takes up very little space. The device is very easy to clean after use – it consists of only a few parts.

Invent new recipes, experiment with different combinations of tastes and shapes! The Fresh Express Cube & Stick multi-cutter from French brand Moulinex will be a source of culinary inspiration for you and your loved ones this summer.

Fresh Express Cube&Stick from Moulinex for 4,999 Dollars. Made in France.

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