The SlimForce DD855 Moulinex hand blender: 10 seconds and no lumps!

The new SlimForce DD855 Moulinex immersion blender does the job of cooking any dish in only ten seconds! In addition, this blender has two special interchangeable stainless steel attachments to make two kinds of mashed potatoes: traditional American and more delicate French.

SlimForce Moulinex DD855 hand blender

The unique revolutionary ActivFlow technology is a 4-blade system: 2 curved blades create a vortex flow and two straight blades perfectly blend the ingredients, giving your dish a perfectly tender texture without lumps.

The SlimForce DD855 blender from Molinex with 700W has everything you need in the kitchen. The handy chopper with a convenient stand for chopping herbs, garlic and nuts in a jiffy – everything you need to spice up your dishes and flavour them.

You can prepare any dish, even hot ones, in the 800 ml jug: all built-in parts and housing are made of stainless steel. You’ll need the whisk to whip up delicious desserts and smoothies.

The French company Molinex has thought of your comfort and equipped it with a SlimForce DD855 blender with a Soft Touch-coated handle and a whisk attachment. It has a very pleasant feel and doesn’t slip, even in wet hands!

The new SlimForce DD855 immersion blender from Molinex is a handy accessory, a must-have in every kitchen. With it, you can easily prepare the most sophisticated dishes and perfect purees without lumps!

Moulinex SlimForce DD855 blender: 3,599 Dollars.

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