Dessert from the blender: a recipe for fruit cake Tender


Acquired in a store bag marked “Jelly”, dilute the package in 200 ml of hot boiled water according to the instructions , and stir until completely dissolved. It takes about 2 minutes.

You can see the appearance of the resulting jelly in a glass in photo 1.

Blender Elis EL-603m

Picture 1. Jelly in a glass after it has dissolved

Then we take ready sponge-cake rolls with or without any filling bought at the confectionary department of the same store , cut them into round pieces – 1 cm thick circles, and put them into a cake pan. Then we fill them with jelly photo. 2 .

VES CI 9203 blender

Picture 2. View of the jelly rolls poured

Put the cake cake tin with jelly rolls in the fridge for 15-20 minutes – until it is completely hardened. The temperature in the freezer -4 ° C.

Then we take a fresh large orange weighing from 150 g. , using a shaped knife make longitudinal incisions, partially removing the skin. Using a carving knife, we cut the lettuce into circles no thicker than 1 cm. see Lemon. photo 3 .

Product processing

Picture 3. Tools and type of slicing an orange

We take out the frozen form jelly with biscuit rolls , and create the second layer of the future cake, laying oranges in an even layer see. photo 4 .

Blender Bomann SM 1916 CB

Photo 4. A layer of oranges in a biscuit roll mold

Making a new batch of jelly for the technology, see the recipe, please . above , and pour the form with oranges photo 4 .

Warning, it is important to! The jelly for this step can be made in different tastes and colors, depending on the preferences of the hostess, and we put it in the refrigerator to harden.

Then we make strong espresso coffee in 200 ml 1 standard glass , adding 2 tbsp 0.3 ml of coffee and 2 tbsp 0.3 ml of tea. Spoonfuls of vanilla sugar and 1 tbsp. Spoonfuls of 4 year old Armenian brandy. This step is illustrated by photo 5.

Clatronic UM 3284 blender

Photo 5. Illustration of making coffee with vanilla sugar and cognac

Then take a child’s shortbread cookies “Baby”, dip them in a cup with coffee and spread them as the third layer – on a stiffened form with oranges and biscuit rolls see photo 12 . photo 6 .

Bomann SM 354 CB blender

Picture 6. Illustration of making the third layer of shortbread cookies

At this stage – at the discretion of the hostess – you can also add coffee on top – on the third layer of the form.

Then we make the next layer of our delicate tiramisu cake.

To do this, mix in a measuring jug for whipping supplied with the blender 200 ml. with 3.2% cold milk and 100 ml of heavy cream 22% . Pour the contents of the ready-to-use “tiramisu mix” sachet into the mixed liquid and blend for three minutes at setting speed 5 – see the diagram. photo 7.

Blender Sinbo SHB-3028

Photo 7. Illustration of whipping up a milky consistency

We obtain a whipped mixture, which we show in the photo. 8.

Blender Bomann SM 1916 CB

Photo 8. Ready mix

Divide the mixture into 2 equal parts. Coat the whole mold with one of them in a uniform layer – see photo 10. photo 9.

Blender Stadler Form Blender Two SFB.700

Picture 9. A layer of cookies dipped in coffee and cognac concentrate

Then repeat the steps with laying the soaked cookies and spreading the cream once again see. photo 10

Bomann SM 1916 CB blender

Picture 10. A new layer of cream cookies

We drink the rest of coffee and cognac with pleasure inside. Now let’s move on to the bananas we only need two. We use a table knife to cut the oval-shaped slices into strips no thicker than 0.5 cm and then put them as the last layer see photo 12 . photo 11 .

Bomann SM 354 CB blender

Photo 11. Finishing layer of bananas

Put the ready dish in the fridge at the same temperature . There are two possible ways of proceeding.

You can put it overnight or, if you don’t have time before the guests come, for at least 2 hours.

Remove and decorate.

If the cake has been in the cold overnight and has set well, take it out of the metal mold and turn it – then the top layer will be a biscuit with jelly.

If you didn’t have much time to freeze it variant № 2, when you really want to eat it after drinking coffee with cognac , you don’t need to turn the mould it is simply removed and the cake is decorated with sprinkles, cinnamon sticks and figurines, cut out of the ready jelly by a skilful hand see pastry layer with a layer of cinnamon sticks . photo 12 .

Stadler Form Blender One SFB.500

Photo 12. You may serve the ready product and taste

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