Moulinex Fruit Sensation LM142: Mini blender for maximum benefits!

Eating right is not a diet, but a way of life for modern, energetic and truly confident people! These are original dishes, unexpected mixes and endless vitamin improvisations. Can’t believe it? The fruit sensation from Moulinex will make your diet healthy and varied, forever changing the way you think about healthy food!

Food Processing


The Mini Blender LM142 Fruit Sensation fulfils all your culinary fantasies, providing you with both delicious and healthy food!

Friends on the doorstep? A crisp, crimson smoothie will make them happy for sure. Your husband’s home from work, and you’ve got a delicious, creamy mushroom soup for dinner. The baby wakes up? Enjoy five minutes for tender milk purée! The new LM142 Fruit Sensation offers a wide variety of dishes for all occasions!



With this mini blender you can make all kinds of smoothies, cream soups, baby food, natural homemade sauces and even real smoothies made of vegetables or fruits – a useful trend this season. The LM142 Fruit Sensation skilfully blends and mixes all kinds of ingredients, even in small portions!

The powerful Mini Blender by Moulinex with 2 speeds. Compact and ergonomic – perfect if you have limited space. The novelty has a capacity of 600 ml bowl which is optimal for cooking for two persons.


Product treatment

Made of durable glass, unlike its plastic counterparts, it’s ideal for cooking hot food and safely crushing ice. And the durable removable stainless steel blades of the device are not only convenient to use, but also easy to wash even in the dishwasher like other accessories of the mini blender .

This novelty set also includes two functional mini coffee and spice grinders with lids for easy storage and a unique recipe book for any occasion.

Ripe fruit and juicy berries, fresh herbs and young vegetables, nuts and natural yoghurts – experiment with the new LM142 Fruit Sensation Mini Blender and always enjoy incredible results with healthy benefits!

Price mini blender LM142 Moulinex Fruit Sensation – 5 990 Dollars.

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