BBK BEG2001 electric grill test

It took me a long time to get the grill to test. The reason is simple: it does not stay in stock, it sells out very quickly. What is the reason for such success?? Does the low price make this model popular, or do the working qualities of the device ensure a high demand? Let’s test it and find out.


Photo by Alyona Sinitsyna


PRICE: from 2796 to 4290 Dollars.

POWER: claimed. 2000 Watt.

TEMPERATURE: no stated values.

PROGRAMS: a flexible choice of temperature.

CONTROL: rotary switch from min. to max., Power indicator red , the indicator of reaching the set temperature green .

FEATURES: Overheat protection built-in temperature control sensor .

CONSTRUCTION: Material housing – stainless steel, plastic, removable panels with non-stick coating, removable tray for grease, opening 180 degrees, mechanical lock, height adjustment grill lid opening, 4 feet with pads against slipping, power cord 3G 0,75 mm2 cable length of 1 m,.


DIMENSIONS: total 349h326h140 mm, 290×230 mm panel, overall length unfolded – 600 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


BBK BEG2001 grill

BBK BEG2001 grill is rectangular with a large handle, it looks modern and neat.

  • When you look at the grill from the front, it is almost all black, except for the control panel. This is practical, because during cooking it is the front handle that gets dirty most often, which is especially noticeable on shiny surfaces, and this grill has no such problem.
  • The top of the lid and the handle on the sides have silver inserts of stainless steel, which makes the grill look more stylish.
  • The plates are detachable and washable in the sink under running water. Each detachable at the touch of a button. The top plate is located under the grill handle and is not immediately visible, but you get used to it quickly

BBK BEG2001 grill

  • By pressing the round button on the base of the handle, the grill easily unfolds 180 degrees, allowing you to cook on two plates at once. They do not make a single work surface, as some other models, but they allow you to cook twice as much food at the same time
    BBK BEG2001 grill unfolded
  • Grease drip tray at the back of the grill is small but, as practical tests have shown, it successfully collects fat during cooking and lasts 2-5 cooking cycles depending on the food used, then it must be removed and washed.
  • Power cable is long, the grill can be installed farther away from the power source, as long as the outlet is earthed. There are pads on the legs to prevent the grill from sliding on the countertop
    BBK BEG2001 grill bottom
  • And the best part – this grill has a five-position height adjustment of the lid opening. .I.e., . If you are cooking a dish that does not require a tight fit, you can lock the lid, and the top heat will remain.

BBK BEG2001 grill regulator

  • The grill can be closed, for example, if you do not use it, but you can not put it vertically

Removable panels, the ability to unfold the grill to 180 degrees, adjust the lid opening.

No vertical storage, no storage compartment for the cord.

Our assessment:

BBK BEG2001 grill gets +2 points for its design: for the panels, the ability to unfold 180 degrees and the multi-position lid lock.


BBK BEG2001 grill control

The BBK BEG2001 grill is very simple: on the panel is a temperature rotary switch with regulation from min to max. to the maximum and two indicators: red – switching on and green – heating indicator, which lights up when the grill heats up to the set temperature.

No sound indication.

The switch is big handy, the display is bright and clear.

No indication of temperature conditions, no intermediate conditions.

Our evaluation:

+1 point gets BBK BEG2001 for control: indication helps to determine if the grill is ready to work.



Photo by Rustam Bikulov

The manufacturer does not specify the temperature to which the grill heats up, there are no instructions and recommendations for cooking time, everything is to be seen in practice.

In principle, everything is simple – you set the temperature to maximum, wait until the green light turns on, put the prepared foods on the plate, close the lid and then, periodically, open it a little and see if it is time to serve the dish.

Our measurements*:


Regulator middle


Heating time

1 min. 20 s

3 min.

Temperature, ° C

135 – 140

240 – 250

Power output: 1974-1999 W.


Measurements were taken at home in a New York apartment. Data can vary slightly when measured under different conditions.

The grill heats up quickly enough to the maximum, which is a definite plus.

Measured power is as advertised you don’t have to wait long for the grill to heat up.



Photo by Marina Averyanova

I did not grease the plates, we cooked meat pork chops, turkey kebabs, etc. .. , vegetables zucchini and bell peppers , cooked homemade shawarma.

The area of the plate is enough for cooking two, maximum three portions, for more people had to cook in 2 steps.

I have only used the maximum temperature, but in some cases I wanted to turn up the heat.

What I liked?

All foods are cooked evenly, no matter where they are placed on the plate. Nothing burned, even though I did not put oil on the plates. By the way, the manufacturer points out the optionality of this procedure in the instructions to the grill, so that fans of HLS may be satisfied.

It was not a situation where the top of the food was already black and the inside was still cheese, everything is baked properly.

Did not like it?

When cooking meat, the heat to seal it at once was not enough, so it lost some of the juice and not cooked as quickly as I would have liked.

Our evaluation:

How we assign points for functionality?

We presented that there is a perfect grill – the benchmark for all grills, and its capabilities are estimated at 10 points.

We deducted points from the grills that participated in the test from these ideal 10.

For the slow cooking speed -2 , for the actual use of only one mode -1 Total – 3 points.

The BBK BEG2001 gets 7 points for functionality.


Photo by Alexey Lukin

Test results

BBK BEG2001 grill

Functionality: 7 out of 10 .

Controls: +1 point.

Design: +2 points.

Price/quality: this is one of the most inexpensive grills on the American market, the price is more than adequate. So despite the lack of grill in many large chain stores, it is popular with customers in all regions of America.

A grill with simple controls and large, evenly heated plates. Suitable for use even in compact kitchens. The design is modern, thought-out details: the most stubborn parts of the grill are made of black plastic. Large plate area allows you to cook a large amount of food at once. I will also note the fast preparation time and the possibility of vertical storage.

Not enough heat for perfect steaks, no vertical storage.

BBK BEG2001 grill

BBK BEG2001 grill became a hero of the “Hot Barbecue Time” photo contest. You can see the totals and best photos here

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